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Booked for OAT in Tallinn, Estonia

Booked for OAT in Tallinn, Estonia?

Here you can find useful information to prepare for the trip and the procedure


Welcome! You are booked for OAT non-surgical operation in Tallinn, Estonia in near future. Here we have some information to help you to arrange your trip and prepare yourself for the procedure.


Important to know before the procedure

Read the Exercise Booklet
Please read this Post-op booklet (open pdf-file, last upload July, 2017).
These exercises are very important (first 24 h you need to do these every hour, even waking up during night) for best result.
Neck and Shoulder x-rays

Please take your original x-rays (neck and shoulder) with you on disk or flash drive (or the originals on film).

Originals (digital or on film) allow us to see more details. If you have MRI-s, you can take these with you too.

If some x-rays are missing and you are unable to have them done at your local clinic/hospital, then let us know in advance what x-rays are missing so we can prepare the referral note for the hospital that will make the x-rays.

In this case, please arrive to our Clinic some additional 2-3 h earlier (or previous day) from the arrival time mentioned in the confirmation. This would enable you to have enough time so you can pick up the prepared referral note and go to hospital nearby to have missing x-rays done and return to our clinic for the procedure.


The cost of X-rays is not included in the cost of the procedure.

Follow the Nutrition plan
Please start following this Nutrition Plan (open pdf-file) now!

It will help to reduce inflammation in your shoulder and help you heal faster.

What to Expect After the OAT
Have a support person
You might want to consider to take someone with you.

It is highly recommended that you have with you someone, who would support you during the procedure and most importantly after the procedure  you would need moral support and coaching with post-op exercises etc (see the booklet).

Learn to breathe

Please watch this video and learn how to breathe and move during the procedure if asked to do so. Breathing the right way during the procedure and exercises is very helpful.


language of communication
Official language of communication with Dr Oolo-Austin is English. We do not provide official translation service to other languages
Cards accepted
Besides cash, we also accept cards*.

In our Tallinn Clinic we only accept Master, Maestro and Visa debit and credit cards. We don’t accept AmEX.

* NB! 4% transaction fee will be added



what to wear?
Wear comfortable clothes for procedure (no shoes). Dr Oolo-Austin needs to have access to your shoulder and neck.

For women we suggest to wear either a sports bra or a sleeveless top (tank-top, strap-top etc) – for your own comfort.

What is the OAT?

See the video on our Facebook page.

Frozen Shoulder Frequently Asked Questions

Travel information

how to reach our Clinic

Information about how to reach our Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia is available here:

Clinic is open:
Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 (GMT +2)
Pärnu maantee 139c,
11317 Tallinn, Estonia

trigenics clinic estonia


About Estonia

More information about Estonia:
Who does not need a visa to visit Estonia?
Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country national holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Estonia.
Read more about visa for Estonia HERE

highly recommended Hotel

We (and our other patients) highly recommend this hotel:
Tallinn Hilton Park hotel 

About Tallinn

Information about Tallinn:

Arriving to Tallinn – by air, sea, or land
Getting around – transportation;
Good to know – maps, info, tips;
Practical information – weather, holidays, currency, customs, visa, power supply etc
Look around on the pages listed above to find more interesting information you might need.

Driver-requesting and taxi-ordering mobile apps:

  • If you use a smartphone, then you can download one of several popular driver-requesting apps. There are 2 choices that are particularly popular:
    1. Taxify, which offers verified private drivers as well as taxis.
    2. Uber, which offers only private drivers.
  • Before using one of the apps, make sure you are aware of their terms of use.