Frozen Shoulder Misconceptions and Confusion
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Frozen Shoulder Misconceptions
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Frozen Shoulder Misconceptions

Addressing Frozen Shoulder Misconceptions and Clearing Confusion

The adhesive capsulitis type of frozen shoulder is known as Frozen Shoulder. It is not the same as Stiff Shoulder, Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, or Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. Be mindful of false diagnoses of Adhesive Capsulitis and and be aware of frozen shoulder misconceptions!

Suffering from the adhesive capsulitis type of frozen shoulder can be incredibly painful, frustrating, and deeply depressing–especially after a number of incorrect diagnoses and many failed or slow-progress therapy sessions. Few medical professionals truly understand adhesive capsulitis and its devastating effects on quality of life. Frozen shoulder is actually one of the most commonly misdiagnosed ailments. Many health professionals think that an inability to raise the arm from the side higher than 90 to 120 degrees is frozen shoulder. This is not the case and many doctors and therapists frequently confuse adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. They also sometimes even confuse the terminology by combining words from both conditions to create incorrect and ambiguous phrases such as frozen shoulder syndrome.