frozen shoulder night pain3 July 12, 2018

Frozen Shoulder Night Pain

Frozen shoulder night pain–why does frozen shoulder get worse at night? Anyone who has suffered from adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder will always tell you that the pain is worst at night. The pain is so bad that sufferers will often tell you that they lose countless hours of sleep at night. As a result, many of the sufferers are then put on prescriptions for sleeping pills and narcotic pain-killers.

Frozen Shoulder Night Pain — Why is the pain so bad at night?

At night, blood circulation is slower and water is not filtered as quickly through the kidneys

Frozen shoulder night pain can be the worst part of frozen shoulder. Adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder is often cited as being the most painful musculoskeletal condition that one can suffer from. Although the pain is constant in the first months, those afflicted always suffer from frozen shoulder night pain when the blood flow of the body slows down. With the blood moving more slowly, water is not filtered as quickly by the kidneys. This causes a generalized retention of water which results in increased internal pressure within the body. This means the entire body becomes slightly swollen which is why all inflammatory conditions are worsened overnight. For the frozen shoulder sufferer, nighttime also means even more inflammation in the already highly pressurized shoulder joint. This will cause a significant increase in the intensity of the pain. This is why your frozen shoulder is keeping you up at night. Get a frozen shoulder diagnosis now and start sleeping better!

The excruciating frozen shoulder night pain causes frozen shoulder sufferers to lose a great deal of sleep–resulting in anxiety and depression in a lot of cases. These sufferers then desperately start looking for solutions as the pain is never-ending. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has been associated with wide ranging health problems such as diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, and impaired immune response.

So now you know the answer to “Why does frozen shoulder hurt so much at night?” But what can you do for the pain?

Tips For Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief At Night:

  • sleep with a wedge pillow to prop you up and a pillow behind your head. Use a microbead pillow to hold up your frozen shoulder arm so that the elbow doesn’t bend and the arm doesn’t move throughout the night.
  • stretch before sleep. These don’t have to be shoulder-specific stretches as the goal is simply to improve blood circulation
  • take a bath in epsom salts (but careful that the water isn’t too hot as that can promote inflammation)
  • use a TENS unit on the affected shoulder for 30 minutes before sleep. TENS units don’t actually eliminate pain but they make it so that the brain doesn’t register the pain signals
  • apply CBD oil to the shoulder area. CBD oil isn’t available in some places as its a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. But it has been proved to relieve localized pain.

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