July 28, 2015

Frozen Shoulder Recovery – Rannveig’s Story

Rannveig is a 47 year old grammar school teacher from Iceland. She had been suffering with shoulder pain and sore muscles for quite some time, but since fall 2014 her pain was getting much worse. Find out about her frozen shoulder recovery process, treatments, and procedures she tried and what finally helped her get her frozen shoulder fixed.

Rannveig had been suffering with shoulder pain and sore muscles for quite some time, but since fall 2014 her pain was getting worse. In January 2015 she went to sought treatment with a chiropractor, hoping that he will be able to help with her recovery. Shortly after her treatment her shoulder got completely frozen. She decided to stop as the chiropractic treatment did not prove to be helpful. On the contrary, her shoulder was now getting worse.

One month later in February, her shoulder was still completely frozen. Rannveig then went to see an orthopedic surgeon, and he suggested to perform an arthroscopic decompression surgery on her shoulder.

Not completely convinced about the surgery, she decided to try and fix her shoulder with a cortisone injection. She got the injection into her shoulder, but just couldn’t find any improvement or reduced pain.

After thoughtful consideration Rannveig now agreed to go through with the surgery, setting the operation date on March 27th 2015.


“I did not want a surgical operation being performed on my shoulder. But as the pain was so severe, I decided to go through with it.

I was disappointed to find out that Arthroscopic Decompression Surgery did not improve my condition in any way.”

Rannveig Haraldsdottir



Arthroscopic decompression surgery did not produce any immediate signs of improvement. So, she decided to visit a physiotherapist, hoping that he would be able to speed up her recovery after her frozen shoulder surgery. She found physiotherapy to be very painful, but decided to keep on going as she has hoped that the condition would improve with time.

To reduce the pain, she also did her second cortisone injection–this time in her elbow. Same as previous cortisone injection, this one proved to be a temporary relief from the pain, but in general she didn’t find the cortisone injections helpful.

After two months of physiotherapy she saw no progress and decided to stop.

At this point Rannveig had been suffering with frozen shoulder pain for already half a year. She had tried chiropractic treatment, cortisone injections, arthroscopic decompression surgery and physiotherapy. None of them helped. She was still experiencing great pain–especially at night, and was completely unable to function normally in her everyday life.


Rannveig’s range of motion prior to the MCD procedure


Still hoping to find some solution, she searched for any option on the internet. She found out about the World Frozen Shoulder Clinics and the MCD Procedure. Although skeptical she didn’t hesitate to get in touch.

In July 1st 2015 Rannveig flew together with her husband to Estonia where she had her shoulder fixed with the MCD Procedure.

In the videos below you can find out more about Rannveig’s MCD Procedure and her great recovery from the day of her procedure, up to her 4th day.


Rannveig’s MCD Procedure Video


The day after her MCD Procedure Rannveig’s was concerned about her full recovery, and how long it might take her. They discuss together with Dr. Oolo-Austin and her husband the treatments and procedures she had tried in the past, and that her full recovery is expected in next 1 to 3 months.


Day After the Procedure



“I had been suffering from frozen shoulder since February. It was a great decision to go to Estonia and meet Dr. Oolo and his great staff. Thank you all for helping me and give me my life back!”

Rannveig Haraldsdottir



Her chiropractor in Iceland was very impressed with Dr. Oolo-Austin’s results and has since been helping her in the recovery process in Iceland.

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