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Good News For Frozen Shoulder Sufferers
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Good News For Frozen Shoulder Sufferers

Frozen Shoulder Sufferers, Get Your Lives Back!

The very good news is that Dr. Austin Oolo has completely revolutionized how to treat this condition. The Trigenics® OAT procedure literally gives frozen shoulder sufferers their lives back in a matter of minutes! With thousands of completely successful cases, the revolutionary Trigenics® OAT procedure has proven to be the answer everyone suffering from true frozen shoulder has been desperately seeking.

The Trigenics® treatment protocols for curing frozen shoulder go well beyond traditional shoulder rehab and frozen shoulder treatments. Before the Trigenics® OAT procedure, patients have the neurological firing patterns in the affected shoulder reset using the Trigenics® myoneural muscle reprogramming treatment. This instantly restores some power and muscle control which had shut down or deteriorated (atrophied) due to lack of use and immobility. The standard pre-op Trigenics® myoneural treatment for shoulder muscles also immediately increases mobility of the frozen shoulder usually by 10-30 degrees. (This dramatic and measurable improvement, using standard Trigenics® muscle lengthening and strengthening procedures, is still much greater than any other treatment can provide in one visit.) On the same day or day after following the Trigenics® pre-op muscle reprogramming treatment, patients undergo the Trigenics® OAT procedure which then immediately restores all or most shoulder mobility and relieves years of pain and suffering in a single session.