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Is the Answer to Frozen Shoulder Osteopathic Manipulation?

With frozen shoulder syndrome, everyday movements like washing your hair and picking up the lightest of objects are suddenly Herculean tasks. And they don’t need to be. 

Frozen shoulder syndrome is when scar tissue, aka adhesions, develop in the shoulder joint capsule, preventing your usual range of motion and causing pain and stiffness that varies as the condition worsens. 

It starts as a dull ache in the freezing stage and develops into severe pain with the smallest of motions in the frozen stage. This condition can last months or even years, but there are many ways to manage and cure it. Osteopathy and the MCD procedure are two possible solutions.

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What is Osteopathic Medicine?

An individual trained in osteopathic medicine treats the entire body, as opposed to a single condition the body is experiencing. Osteopathic manipulative medicine involves stretching and massaging in order to move the entire musculoskeletal system. 

Osteopaths are licensed to do many of the same things as doctors, including prescribing medication, performing surgery, and diagnosing illnesses and injuries. People who have been in motor vehicle accidents and endured sports injuries often see an osteopath. They employ a plethora of manual treatments for pain relief and improved mobility.

Is Osteopathic Manipulation Good for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome?

A known osteopathic manipulation method is the One to Zero (OTZ) technique. Unlike other frozen shoulder treatment options, such as corticosteroid injections and even soft tissue manipulation with anesthesia (MUA), OTZ involves the manipulation of the occiput, which is the joint between the back of the skull and the first cervical vertebra of the neck. It doesn’t focus on the shoulder joint.  

The creator of the OTZ method, Dallas chiropractor Frances Murphy, proposes this method since frozen shoulder is caused by a variety of issues, upon which the medical community cannot agree. Even our Dr. Oolo-Austin at World Frozen Shoulder theorizes that the condition is caused by shoulder injuries, hormonal imbalances, nerve compression, and sometimes a combination. 

Murphy found that the misalignment of the occiput caused the head to remain unnaturally forward, altering the proper shape of the neck. The change in shape caused a restriction in blood flow and tension to one of the cranial nerves (number 11 in the brain, which is the spinal accessory nerve). Consequently, patients cannot raise their arm and suffer from the usual symptoms of frozen shoulder, including shoulder pain and a limited range of motion.

The OTZ method utilizes specific motion palpitations of the joint connecting the first cervical vertebrae and the occiput. The manipulation is not known by most chiropractors. The medical professional should use X-ray analysis and postural distortion. 

While the OTZ technique can work for some patients with frozen shoulder syndrome or Impingement Syndrome, this is not the case with Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive capsulitis. 

At the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic, we can do much better. We have a proven cure for the condition!

Seek out the Best Cure for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: MCD Procedure

The manual capsular dissection procedure is non-invasive, like the OTZ technique. It can cure your affected shoulder within an hour and the procedure is customized to each patient for maximum results. Patients are then prescribed physical therapy for recovery and rehabilitation.

If you’re experiencing a shoulder problem, it could be frozen shoulder. Book an appointment today!

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