May 28, 2017

Severe shoulder pain treatment

Severe shoulder pain can develop from an acute injury (e.g. fall) or may be one that you’ve had for a prolonged period of time that has gradually gotten worse. Regardless, the impact that shoulder pain can have on one’s life can be remarkable.

So today, I am going to discuss about severe shoulder pain treatment.

There are many types of treatments for severe shoulder pain from mild non-invasive forms to more extreme invasive techniques like shoulder replacement.

The issue with the shoulder, especially when discussing about extreme shoulder pain is that even in ordinary circumstances, the shoulder is a very vulnerable structure.

You see, both your hip and your shoulder are the same type of joint (i.e. Ball and Socket Joint) but the steadiness of each of these joints are very distinct.

The hip joint gives up movability for stability and your shoulder joint gives up stability for movability.

So when dealing with shoulder injuries, there is a potential for aggravation and worsening of your overall condition.

It is for this purpose, surgery is often suggested to be the last option (if all other forms of treatments are unsuccessful).

Further, there are a number of different conditions that can lead to severe shoulder pain and you must be correctly diagnosed and be put on the right treatment methods in order to achieve the rehabilitative results that you desire.

What can cause severe shoulder pain?

  1. Arthritis (osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, etc.)
  2. Acute Injury
  3. Tumor
  4. Frozen Shoulder
  5. Impingement Syndrome
  6. Torn Labrum
  7. Dislocation

And the list goes on.

So as you can see, there are a whole lot of contributing factors that can lead to serious shoulder pain and so a proper diagnosis is necessary.

Since our clinic centers on the treatment of severe shoulder pain, we’ve experienced it all.

We’ve come across the various stages of degeneration and the effects of a misdiagnosis and mismanagement of pain.

This is why we pride ourselves on being so discerning as to the patients that we accept at our clinic and  because of our selection process, we can boast the success rate that we have.

The fact is, if we can’t provide you with results within the first 1-2 visits with our exclusive shoulder procedure, we will not admit you for care.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve most likely suffered with your shoulder pain for a quite a while, have likely tried several different treatments with frustrating results and have paid out a lot of money in the process.

We do not want to waste any more of your time or money. So if through our 2 -Step Patient Qualification Process we have regarded you as a patient, we’ll place you under care.

On the other hand, if we think that you’re not a great candidate, we’ll refer you to a health care professional that’s better suited for your condition.

So if you’d like to book a consultation with us to determine if you qualify for our care, just contact us.

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