February 17, 2020


I’ve just returned home following a trip to Tallinn, Estonia and wanted to share my recent experience.

Three months earlier I learnt that I had a frozen shoulder and I was being told there was very little that could be done to improve my condition. My physiotherapist a good friend for many years even said there was very little he could do.

I guess I didn’t want to accept what I was being told, the very thought it might take 2-3 years to get over this horrible condition made me feel quite depressed.

My range of shoulder movement was very limited and each time I went outside that range the pain was just terrible.

I had spoken with my GP about the condition and visited a shoulder specialist at the local hospital who suggested both MRI and x-Rays to confirm things. Yet the only treatment offered was an injection to reduce the pain.

Looking for more understanding I decided to search the Internet and came across Dr Oolo-Austin’s frozen shoulder website and I spent days reading about the MCD Procedure.

I felt I had nothing to lose so decided to call for a free consultation to learn more. At last someone was taking a positive approach, it didn’t take me long to start planning the trip to Estonia albeit keeping an open mind.

Prior to travelling I did speak with my GP, physio and chiropractor who all said they had never heard of Dr Oolo-Austin, yet all confirmed that if they had the condition themselves they would have no hesitation in making the trip.

My first impression of Dr. Oolo-Austin was how confident he was that he could help and before long I was happy to follow his treatment process. His staff were very friendly and helped with the initial assessment. I had an injection into the back of my shoulder with a couple of tablets and before long the treatment began.

The procedure didn’t take long and the result was visible straight away. My range of movement was amazing with just a little pain at the top end.

My wife came with me to the clinic and was allowed to watch part of the procedure. Dr Oolo-Austin takes a great amount of care during the treatment and even though the worst part was over the follow-up exercises are very important and had to be done every hour, even through the night.

The following day I went back to see Dr Oolo-Austin with a big smile on my face. He knew how happy I was and we talked about what I would be able to do in the coming weeks and months. I did stress to Dr Oolo-Austin how important it is to have someone with you and I was so pleased my wife joined me in making the trip.

Now that I am back home the small amount of pain I had at the top end of movement is slowly diminishing although it is so important to keep up the exercises but not to over do things. I am now exercising just 4 times a day (about every 4 hours) and at last getting a full nights rest. It didn’t seem that long ago I was waking up 2 or 3 times every night.

Thank you Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin and your staff for all your help. Watch his video testimonial!

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