February 22, 2020

Ana Rodriguez

I am a happy patient who has had both shoulders cured by Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin with his amazing MCD Procedure. The first time was 3 years ago and the second was just 3 days ago. I could not believe that I got it in the second shoulder but the second time was much better because I made the decision to come much earlier than when I finally went for the first one. The first time I waited and finally had the procedure after suffering with the frozen shoulder for 9 months but the second time I had the MCD Procedure after only 3 months. Because I did not wait this time, I think I hadn’t lost so much range of movement and although I also again had tendinitis and bursitis it was not as bad as the last time. This time, I was still a bit scared of taking the decision, as I am not going to lie, my first experience wasn’t at all easy but it was well worth it.

My first time after the MCD Procedure, I had gained all range of movement as Dr. Oolo-Austin had promised but the rehabilitation exercises and the pain from the bursitis and tendinitis, which still needed to heal, made it very challenging, I definitely needed a lot of patience and ability to follow Dr. O’s instructions and work through the pain. Also, the first time, I had taken the decision to come against other people’s opinions including my doctor. and that made me, particularly in times of pain, very doubtful about the whole thing.

In both cases, things went very well but in the second case, recovery already seems to be happening much faster. The first time I still felt a lot pain from the tendonitis and bursitis and it was really hard and took time and dedication to my exercises to finally gain full pain-free range of motion. I have to say that in both cases, the pain after the MCD Procedure was immediately different from the frozen shoulder pain. Although it was still somewhat painful after my shoulder motion was restored with the MCD Procedure, it was not that terrible frozen shoulder pain during the day or night. The hard frozen shoulder nerve pain was completely gone right after the procedure to my great relief!

A few months ago, my worst nightmare happened when I realized that I was getting it on my other shoulder. Even worse, this time it was my right dominant shoulder, which I really needed to work. Once again normal medicine, was only prepared to provide me with painkillers anti-inflammatory pills, and if they didn’t work, then cortisone shots etc and all of this taking months in between one from the other. This resulted in my shoulder being more and more stiff and painful and more time lost from work.

This time, I contacted the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic earlier so the condition of my shoulder and arm was not as deteriorated and the whole experience was much easier, The doctor at the clinic (a professional medical center) that administrates the local anesthetics keeps an eye on everything and double checks that everything is in place. Dr Oolo-Austin and his team were again, gentle, caring and professional. And this time it was sooooo much easier, I believe this to be because I went a lot sooner and did not wait around hoping it would get better by itself. The frozen shoulder exercises afterwards are much easier to do and less painful. Everything is sooo much better!!

My testimonial here is just one of many so you don’t have to take my word for it but please know, anyone out there, that I am happy to be contacted by phone in Spain if anyone wants to ask me directly about my experience with Dr. Oolo-Austin and the wonderful MCD Procedure.

My advice really, to everyone, is to go to Dr. Oolo-Austin as soon as you are diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Don’t wait to have less range of movement and be prepared to love pain. Also don’t allow fear to make a wrong decision.

Ana Rodriguez

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