February 17, 2020


To whom it may concern,

Please find a testimonial here written from my heart regarding Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin.
Since I flew from France to Estonia to have Dr. Oolo perform his MCD Procedure, I had suffered terribly with a medically diagnosed adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder for 5 months.

I saw my medical doctor in early July 2013 who ordered scans and x-rays. He sent me to visit a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Great was my disappointment with this specialist doctor who diagnosed my condition as adhesive capsulitis but could offer no descent solution whatsoever, except for useless injections, physiotherapy and patience. Lots and lots of patience because I was told by him that adhesive capsulitis may or may not heal after 2-3 years depending on whether or not the natural healing process will engage. My understanding is that if it is left frozen for too long, then some permanent shoulder deterioration or arthritis will develop and I didn’t want that or to be suffering so long in pain and to be debilitated for so long either. My entire livelihood depends on my ability to use my arm as does my quality of life.

Like many, I discovered by myself, the three levels of agony that accompany a frozen shoulder.
1. Pain and disability on the physical level.
2. Pain on the emotional level with depression from the realization that the medical profession cannot offer any cure.
3. Pain on the mental level as I experienced my entire life becoming paralyzed and frozen.

What I also experienced over a relatively short period with my shoulder frozen is that my entire body began twisting and warping itself as the muscles of the arm and shoulder stopped being used properly thereby creating substantial collateral damage throughout my body. Of course, not a word of concern about these side effect and damage was uttered to me by any medical professionals. As a negative psychological effect often seems to follow a negative physiological effect, my emotional state collapsed and I became depressed as I saw no way out of this–unless I found a way to help myself. I think that it was some out of the box thinking that guided my search on the internet to find Dr Allan Oolo-Austin with his youtube videos and internet site. My internet search found only super positive reports on Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure for frozen shoulder and it finally gave me hope. In support of my research, it was also my good fortune to personally know an extremely reputable British Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Simon Billings, whose frozen shoulder patients had coincidentally undergone Dr Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure in Estonia with amazing results! It was Dr. Billings who told me, “Bernard, there is only one person in the world that can cure your frozen shoulder and it is Dr Allan Oolo-Austin with his MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure. You need to go to see him.” With this very powerful recommendation, I immediately e-mailed Dr Oolo-Austin.

In order to be scheduled for Dr. Oolo-Austin’s procedure, my case had to be screened and approved by him for safety and probable success. After a lot of contact with his clinic, filling in questionnaires, sending reports and X-rays, I was deemed to be a good candidate for his procedure. After the date for my procedure was confirmed, I booked my flight to Estonia immediately.

Dr. Oolo-Austin performed the MCD on my frozen shoulder on Oct 29th 2013. His treatment immediately and incredibly freed my shoulder. To my great astonishment I was able to raise my arm all the way up to the ceiling as well as doing push ups one hour after the procedure! It was simply amazing!

It has now been a little over a week since I have had my procedure and I have again seen my medical doctor who, aside from being shocked and surprised, said that, as far as he is concerned, my shoulder is cured! In addition, my father saw his urologist today whose best friend is a very well known shoulder surgeon specialist. This surgeon could not believe that a frozen shoulder could be cured so quickly. He wants to know everything about my case and about Dr. Oolo-Austin. So it seems the word is spreading about Dr. Oolo-Austin and his MCD Procedure already here in France!

I can testify that Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure works incredibly well, that his youtube videos are real and true and that he will free your frozen shoulder as he has done mine. I urge anyone with frozen shoulder to contact him asap as there are no others in the world that can do what he does!

Words like appreciation and gratitude only do partial justice to Dr Oolo-Austin and all that he has done for me and all that he will enable you to bring back to yourself in your life.

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