February 17, 2020


Conventional medical advice tells the patient with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder that he must travel alone on his road for many years before surgery will be considered as an option. Yet it is as if that road is cluttered with fallen trees and heavy snow and ice. It is nearly impossible for the patient to make any progress.

Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin’s MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure for adhesive capsulitis is like heavy machinery coming to the rescue at this hopeless impasse. It immediately, safely and meticulously breaks up most of the scar tissue in the shoulder joint and greatly improves the range of motion of the arm. The patient still has to complete a short journey down the road to 100% recovery by sticking with a post-op rehabilitation program, but the MCD Procedure delivers a quantum leap forward in improving the prognosis of this very frustrating disease and terribly painful disability.

Having recently flown from Japan to undergo the MCD Procedure at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Toronto, Canada, I would now strongly advise anyone with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder to pursue this breakthrough treatment option. There is a great benefit in recovering as soon as possible and avoiding the growing risks of future disability or surgery that might otherwise be necessary at some point down the road.

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