February 17, 2020


First off, I want to thank Dr. Oolo-Austin and the clinic staff for taking such great care of me during my MCD Procedure March 12, 2015. I am a 47 year old women and have been a Registered Nurse for over 24 years. I was an athletic woman very busy with my family and an active lifestyle, that included running, yoga, kayaking, and cottage life. In January 2014 I suddenly started suffering from an all too common disease called, “Frozen Shoulder”. I was diagnosed with the worst kind of frozen shoulder called adhesive capsulitis.

My life had taken a stand still due to the pain and disability caused by this prognosis. I tried everything imaginable; physiotherapy, chiropractic care, cortisone shots, deep needling, acupuncture and many different types of anti inflammatories and narcotics. Nothing seemed to lessen the symptoms and disability of my adhesive capsulitis. I spent sleepless nights due to the pain and uneventful depressing because of the inability for me to move my left shoulder. Finally, I decided to do some research myself and found Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure for frozen shoulder on the Internet. I watched the videos and read the testimonials and thought, “this is too good to be true.” All the medical information on the internet said that there is no cure for adhesive capsulitis.

As a Registered Nurse, I used my resources and tried everywhere to get some information on Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure. I was met with blank faces and loads of skepticism, especially from my medical associates who had never heard of him. I was at the end of my rope as I entered my second year of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder and decided to take a leap of faith and contact the clinic itself. The medical staff were very knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions, big or small.

I am elated to say that yesterday, I underwent the MCD Procedure and today I am freely moving my shoulder while working hard to regain the muscle strength that I lost in the last 2 years. If you are reading this and feel that my story of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder is also your story, my advice to you is not to hesitate contacting the clinic. You will regain your life and never look back.

Dr. Oolo-Austin is an expert in frozen shoulder. He is supportive, knowledgeable, professional and might I add…musical. If you ask politely, you may be one of the lucky ones to witness his great playing of “Great Balls of Fire” on the piano in his clinic.

Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for allowing me to get back my life and all the things I love.

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