February 17, 2020


Since October 2012, after having a Hepatitis injection in my shoulder muscle, I have been in pain. After seeing the doctors numerous times to be told you have muscle spasms and after taking many painkillers, I saw my chiropractor who diagnoses an adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. My medical physician and the physiotherapists I was seeing agreed with the diagnosis. Unfortunately, to my great frustration, no one was able to relieve the pain or help me regain my shoulder movement. Nothing that was tried worked. My Chiropractor, recommended that I get in touch with Dr Allan Oolo-Austin, who asked for X-Rays and, after carefully reviewing my case, said I would be a good candidate for his MCD Procedure. Within 2-3 weeks we flew to Estonia from England for the procedure.

Incredibly within 1/2 hour of my walking in to see Dr. Oolo-Austin, I had the full use of my arm again. Immediately after the MCD Procedure, I could lift my arm completely above my head. The night of the procedure, I even washed my hair myself with that arm for the first time in months and no pain! Totally Amazing!

I would recommend Dr. Oolo-Austin to any person with this condition – he is simply a miracle worker!

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