Lyne Photo February 17, 2020


Prior to the MCD Procedure I was suffering from Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder. I was in excruciating pain day and night and unable to sleep. I had no range of motion in my left arm. As an artist I was unable to paint or do simple daily activities. For the last three months I had numerous massages and physiotherapy treatments. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who told me I would need surgery and was given multiple pain medications that was making me sick. I ended up at the ER with dangerously high blood pressure 220-113 rapid heartbeat 109. I felt like I was dying. Since I didn’t want any surgery I decided to seek treatments with Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin. I was skeptical at first; however, after extended research on Dr. Oolo-Austin I knew I made the right decision. I flew from Florida to Toronto to the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic for an assessment. Dr. Oolo-Austin’s incredibly good bed side manners, the friendly staff and atmosphere of the clinic gave me confidence to have the MCD Procedure.
Minutes after the MCD Procedure sitting down with no surgery, magic happened. I could raise my arm above my head and regain functional range of motion. Dr. Oolo-Austin is for real, he actually cures frozen shoulders. While at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic with my follow up, a constant flow of patients were coming from all over the world for frozen shoulders. Everyone who had the MCD Procedure came out with big smiles moving their affected arms. It was astounding to watch. Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for taking care of me and finally after three months you gave me my life back.

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