February 17, 2020


When I first heard about the MCD I was were skeptical, especially as I had a frozen shoulder before and needed to have surgery. Before that I had at least 6 month of PT without success. So I got some more information about the MCD and decided to go for it instead of having another surgery (different shoulder though). I don’t do well with anesthesia and wanted to avoid it. The pain was a lot and the recovery time took about 6 months.

After I first met Dr. Oolo-Austin and he did his assessment and worked a bit on my shoulder I was already able to move my arm more freely.

When I came back from having local anesthesia done I met another patient in the waiting room. She had the procedure done the day before and she and her husband were very positive. She was able to move her arm all the way up again and was glad that the pain was gone. This experience helped me when going in the room for my procedure.

The procedure itself was even quicker as I first thought and the result was visible right away. The most important thing was that the excruciating pain was gone immediately. I was in pain, but in a different way and a bearable amount of pain. I was able to move my arm all the way up, it was weak, but it moved. I was quite exhausted, but glad it was finally over.

The exercises had to be done every hour and were not even difficult to do, just a tiny bit at the end of the motion range. But even that I could accomplish after practicing a bit and taking the pain medication. My first noticeable success was when I tried to adjust the shower head in the hotel room the next morning with both hands, without even noticing that I was using both arms. I was just standing in the shower smiling.

Since then everything is getting better each day. The hotel had a pool and the next day I did try most of the exercises in the pool which made it even easier to do.

I am glad I decided to do the MCD. Compared to the surgery where I had to be on pain pills for quite some time and do very painful exercises I did not have that much motion until at least 6 weeks after the surgery. But the MCD gave it to me within a few hours.

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