February 17, 2020


I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) in July by a physiotherapist and my MD. My PT suggested I research the MCD Procedure as a possible solution, depending on how things went with physio. Well, we didn’t make much progress, and he did not want to get aggressive with my condition. I started to research the MCD in August, and made my appointment to have an assessment. Having had freezing for about 3 months at that point, I hoped I would be a good candidate as the limits on my daily life and activities were becoming very taxing.

Dr Oolo-Austin’s assessment indicated my adhesive capsulitis (AC) was quite severe: 30 degrees forward and sideways, and very limited movement behind my back. I booked my procedure for September 18th. While it was painful for about 10 minutes, having my range of motion restored was an incredible feeling. I followed the hourly requirement to move through the range of motion exercises, and managed to get some rest with my arm draped over my head. I needed painkillers for the first few days, but after that was able to taper back to overnight, and occasionally during the day.

From my perspective, the key to success with MCD is the exercises. Yes, they’re painful, but pushing through the pain is critical to recovery. I now have full range of motion with minimal discomfort in some positions as I push to restore my previous capacity.

If you’re considering this procedure, know this: it works if you work it. Dr Oolo-Austin can do wonders but keeping what he can give you is up to you.

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