February 17, 2020


You may not remember me. But I received the treatment for my adhesive capsulitis (for left shoulder) at your clinic in January of this year. I am the Japanese woman from Wisconsin. Now, 6 months later, I am quite strong and my arm mobility range is almost 90% including back (front is close to 100%). It’s been like that since mid April. It is a miracle indeed. Though I still have to treat my neck (cervical spine herniated disks, stenosis), I am so much healthier and strong. I am hoping that I can avoid the surgery totally rest of my life. I would like to let you know that I am well and quite happy. I thank Dr. Oolo-Austin and the team and your service. Thank you. Oh I wanted to add you that my husband took me to kayaking last week. We enjoyed the 4-hour kayaking on Wisconsin River where a beautiful mountain hills are viewed. It was unimaginable from 1st quarter of this year. It is indeed a miracle. Thank you for what you guys do everyday at World Frozen Shoulder Clinic.

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