February 17, 2020


To anyone suffering with frozen shoulder,

I went this week through a most unique experience. I traveled with my wife from Israel to Estonia to see shoulder expert, Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin who had developed the MCD Procedure to cure frozen shoulder. When meeting Dr. Oolo-Austin and his Estonian assistant, I was exposed to ultimate professionalism and, at the same time, unparalleled personal attention and care.

I have been suffering for the last 6 months from a severe adhesive capsulitis commonly known as frozen shoulder. My shoulder could not move almost at all in any direction and I was in constant pain for the last half year. I was in a terrible state.I consulted with top specialists in our country who, more or less gave the same opinion: you have to learn to cope with it, and maybe, hopefully, it will melt within 1-2 years. Practically this meant for me 24/7 of continuous pain, limitation of basic body movements and severe deterioration of my life quality. I tried all types of treatments including extensive physiotherapy, massage and even injections, however I just suffered from a worsening of my condition and further deterioration. Even the best therapists in Israel could not help me. It seemed that no one could help me.

Fortunately, my daughter came up with Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin’s name when searching the internet for an aid and solution to my terrible situation.. She told me that she had researched his novel frozen shoulder procedure which had helped so many other patients who had flown to see him from all over the world in the last 10 years. Initially, the idea to fly to your World Frozen Shoulder Clinic location in Tallinn, Estonia for a treatment that is world exclusive sounded somewhat risky. The fact is, however, that Dr. Oolo-Austin’s personality as he appeared in the You Tube videos, together with the endless pain I was constantly suffering with, finally convinced me. One should add that after hundreds of patients treated, I did not find a single record of claim or failure anywhere on the internet.

After arrival to Tallinn and a detailed interview and pre-operative neuro-muscular preparatory treatment, I went through Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure.

The result is amazing! It is immediate!

In minutes I found my arm in positions that did not exist at all in the last six month. In only 2 days, the pain was reduced dramatically.
Your MCD Procedure is a true and clear success!

Dr. Oolo-Austin is all you want to find in a doctor. Exceptional knowledge of all details related to frozen shoulder: the physiology, the procedure, risks and side effects. Above all Dr. Oolo-Austin is a Mensch (a person with fundamental decency, integrity and compassion).
It is not only that I recommend to all those who suffer with frozen shoulder to very seriously consider this treatment, but also call upon their physicians and therapists to be aware of this important breakthrough treatment.

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