February 17, 2020


Dear Doctor Allan Oolo-Austin,

I cannot thank you enough for fixing my frozen shoulder! I still can’t believe that I walked into your clinic one day unable to move my arm or shoulder and I walked out with full movement and almost no pain. Absolutely incredible!

You have been blessed with healing hands. I want to also compliment you and your staff at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic on your kindness, warmth and professionalism. From the minute I walked into your Toronto location, after coming all the way from California, I felt welcomed. I knew I was in the right place.

I have to be honest with you and tell you that I was quite apprehensive about the MCD Procedure. Flying in on a long flight from another country and not having much information about you or your clinic, it made me a little nervous as I had some reservations about whether I had made the right decision. I am a man of my instincts however and a little voice inside of me said do it. So, at the last minute, I booked a flight to Toronto and made hotel arrangements. Now, two days later after the procedure, I am so so glad that I never stopped believing in miracles.

Five weeks prior to the MCD Procedure I suffered from medically diagnosed adhesive capsulitis which is also called frozen shoulder. I was absolutely miserable constantly, night and day. The range of motion on my right arm was limited and excruciatingly painful. Simple activities like washing my hair, changing clothes, opening doors, lifting or reaching, getting in and out of car, writing and typing were impossible or extremely painful. It was even impossible to sleep as the deep severe pain in my shoulder kept me awake. I would attempt to position my arm in several ways to ease the pain. Sometimes it felt like a sharp knife poking me, other times my fingers would tingle and get numb. At times when I made quick movements, the pain brought tears to my eyes. Two Orthopedic surgeons that I saw said that all I could do is to go to physical therapy (would not improve condition) and maybe in two to three years the condition would subside. All the literature and articles I read stated the same. I felt defeated, dejected and depressed.

Since I am a very physically active person, I still could not accept that there was no treatment for this condition. I started to more deeply search the internet and finally came across a youtube video called frozen shoulder fixed in 1 minute. Having researched frozen shoulder and seen so many specialists who told me there was no cure, fixing it this fast seemed completely impossible. Out of curiosity however, I did view the video. It made me more curious so I searched for more information about the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic and for more locations. In addition I wanted to know Dr. Oolo-Austin’s medical credentials and his track record in successfully treating frozen shoulder. He is, after all, the inventor of the MCD Procedure and the one who would be performing the operation on my shoulder.

I called the clinic and spoke with a staff member. I asked them if the MCD Procedure really worked. She immediately said “Yes, absolutely” and told me that she had personally seen all of the hundreds of patients from all over the world that had been coming there for over 10 years to have the procedure performed. She said that it was totally amazing. With that said, I made the appointment.

As I write this letter to you, I am in the airport on my way back to California 2 days after you conducted the MCD Procedure. I am cured! You really fixed me! Thank you so so much! I have an appointment in 4 weeks with one of the Orthopedic surgeons that told me there was no cure and I can’t wait to see the shock on his face when I wave at him using the arm he told me could not be cured. I want every Orthopedic specialist and physical therapist in the world to know that there IS a CURE and Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin in Toronto, Canada has and does cure frozen shoulder in only one visit. I am living proof!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Oolo-Austin for discovering and developing the MCD Procedure which incredibly cures frozen shoulder in one visit with no general anesthesia and no surgery.

I am forever grateful.

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