February 17, 2020


I had frozen shoulder for almost 2 years. I went to see my family medical doctor and he had sent me for an ultrasound but, they didn’t see anything in the ultrasound and because, I had so much pain my doctor suggested to me that I have to start physiotherapy. And so, after almost 13 months of pain and disability, I started physiotherapy. It was a terrible experience because after 2 sessions the pain became much worse than before and I became so disabled that I then couldn’t do anything with my left hand. The physiotherapy made me so much worse that, afterwards, it was almost impossible for me to do any easy task.

Finally, after I had been suffering with this terrible condition for nearly 2 years, I was searching through the internet again to see if there was a cure for frozen shoulder. Thank God, I finally found Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin and his MCD Procedure to cure frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis. After I watched all the videos, and how those people got cured from frozen shoulder after only one visit with Dr. Oolo-Austin, I immediately made an appointment to go to his World Frozen Shoulder Clinic so that I could see him.

After looking at all my medical reports and my Xrays and after a very thorough special frozen shoulder examination, he told me that I was a good candidate for his operation. I underwent the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure 4 days ago and now, I can finally move my left hand and arm again above my head for the first time in 2 years!

Thank you so much Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin for giving me my life back and everything you did for me. God bless you!

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