February 17, 2020


I will never forget my Independence Day which was February 29, 2016. A day that shouldn’t exist. (February normally has 28 days.) Dr. Austin CURED my frozen shoulder. Just shy of one year later, I’m at 99% back to normal. My frozen shoulder was described by Dr. Austin as a 8 or 9 on a scale of 10. I could barely move and I was 48 years old. It took three months from being able to do high energy aerobics and able to run six miles to be completely incapacitated by this seriously horrifying condition. I will NOT mention the names of the several “quack” doctors I saw in the States who supposedly knew what I had. On a Saturday in early January, 2016, my daughter was studying for high school at our kitchen table and I started researching my condition and sat there for five hours. It was then that I discovered Dr. O and his MCD Procedure. I had to wait until Monday morning around 9AM to call his office and I was soon on another call as a consultation. Dr. Austin was overseas and I waited and chose February 29 for the procedure. If you have this condition, you MUST demand a full explanation of what your preferred doctor knows about it. If they stand there fumbling around, they’re lying. On February 29, it took exactly one hour for me to go from a 9/10 frozen shoulder to being 90% repaired by the MCD Procedure. It took months of rehab and exercise as prescribed by Dr. Austin’s office (found on his website) to keep improving. Today, I am 30 pounds lighter and back to exercising for fun and health. God created Angels. Angels do exist. Dr. Austin is an angel!

Watch Stephen’s Before MCD Video

Here’s Stephen’s After The MCD Video!

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