February 17, 2020


Dr. Oolo-Austin is my hero. He performed the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure on me yesterday and right away I could lift my arm over my head! It had been 6 months that I couldn’t move like that. I had previously tried just about everything including chiropractic and massage which did not help very much. I was still in constant terrible pain and very discouraged until I found Dr. Oolo-Austin on Youtube with all his videos of other adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder patients and the rest is history.

I’m so happy that I decided to fly to Canada from the USA to have this work done. I did Dr. Oolo-Austin’s special MCD post-op exercises every hour overnight and each time I got more and more movement and less and less pain until there was all movement and no pain. It is hard to believe that I can now move my arm all the way up beside my head with no pain. The experience was great and everyone in the office took very good care of me. I’m going home to the USA today with no pain and almost all of my normal shoulder and arm movement restored including putting my hand behind my back when just yesterday I could not even touch the side of my buttock. I continue doing my prescribed post-op MCD exercises and I am so relieved to have my life restored to normal again. I cant wait to play tennis next week!

My heartfelt thanks goes to Dr. Oolo-Austin. He is the best!

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