The Truth About Manipulation Under Anesthesia

The Truth About Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Dr. Sunny Chen, a medical doctor with a family practice in California, speaks the truth about manipulation under anesthesia and physical therapy. What are her candid thoughts about the Trigenics® OAT Procedure?

Dr. Sunny Chen, a medical doctor with a family practice in California, spoke to us about what she thinks about physical therapy and the truth about manipulation under anesthesia. Physical therapy and manipulation under anesthesia are two conventional treatments for frozen shoulder.

As you may already be aware, manipulation under anesthesia for frozen shoulder is a conventional treatment that has about a

x-rays frozen shoulder MUA bone fracture implant

A broken shoulder from an accident lead to frozen shoulder. She had an MUA. The doctors fractured her arm and implanted a metal plate while she was anesthetized. Click here for more x-rays.

70% success rate. The risks associated with it include bone breaks, fractures, biceps tendon ruptures, rotator cuff tears, and nerve palsy. If a patient is under general anesthesia, they are obviously not conscious and so their holding elements in their shoulder are not active. This is the truth about manipulation under anesthesia: it carries risks and potential complications. Following a manipulation under anesthesia, patients require 3-4 months of painful physiotherapy.

Dr. Sunny Chen suffered from bilateral frozen shoulders, meaning that she had two frozen shoulders at the same time! Her left shoulder was frozen for 6 months and her other shoulder for 3 months. She developed severe deltoid atrophy coupled with supraspinatus tendonopathy and subdeltoid bursitis. So she had very limited mobility and she was in a lot of pain. In her other shoulder she had impingement which lead to her right frozen shoulder. This was due to overusing it because her left shoulder was frozen and painful.

The Truth About Manipulation Under Anesthesia

She went to see a doctor for a diagnosis. Her medical doctor prescribed the conventional frozen shoulder treatment of physical therapy and later manipulation under anesthesia. She did the physical therapy but after four weeks she saw no improvement. As a medical doctor herself, she concluded that physical therapy was ineffective. She also knew very well that manipulation under anesthesia carries many risks and can be “horrendous.” She went online to various message boards and Facebook groups and learned of Trigenics.

In this video she shares her candid opinion on Trigenics® and the truth about manipulation under anesthesia.

(transcript of video is below)

Dr. Sunny: Oh wow. Oh yeah.
Dr. Austin Oolo: You’re doing it. You’re doing the left hand now.
Dr. Sunny: Oh my goodness! Yeah.
Dr. Austin Oolo: Straighten the elbows. Look at that.
Dr. Sunny: Oh my goodness. It’s great!
Hi, I’m Dr. Sunny Chen. And I just had my frozen shoulders fixed by Dr. Austin yesterday. And I am amazed and in awe of how I feel today. I feel great. I’m not in any pain and I believe that you have a gift! You’ve discovered a way of treating adhesive capsulitis that no one else has discovered yet. And the standard practice of medicine right now is only about a 70% success rate for manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) and you have a 20-30% failure rate and yours basically.
Dr. Austin Oolo: –with high risk of complications.
Dr. Sunny: Yeah, and high risks of complications. You basically have a track record of 100% success rate and no complications.
Dr. Austin Oolo: Well we say 98% because there are a few that fall through the cracks. But we’re as close to 100% as anyone will ever get.
Dr. Sunny: I will take those odds! I did not like the odds and the options that were available to me under traditional standard medical practice. So I came and I’m so glad I found you! And I’m so happy I had this procedure done. This should be basically taught to all the doctors in the US and Canada and the world. This is something that will save governments and health insurances SO MUCH MONEY! And the patients so much pain. This… I feel great! I feel great! (laughter)

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