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Frozen Shoulder Traditional Therapy Problems

Traditional Therapies for Frozen Shoulder Often Make it Worse.

There are countless stories of people with true frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) attempting a series of long, tiring and often painful treatments and programs that make use of cortisone, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, osteopathy, massage, myofascial or active release techniques, acupuncture and rehabilitative exercises with very slow or no success. Many patients actually report a noticeable worsening of their symptoms and condition following physical therapies which were likely too aggressive. Current research supports what patients have noticed in that physical therapy for adhesive capsulitis either does not help in the outcome or actually makes it worse prolonging the condition.

Important to most therapists treating adhesive capsulitis is the fact that manual therapy involving end-range mobilizations are futile in the inflammatory phase as it may further irritate the joint. Aggressive and painful mobilizations and/or stretching can increase the inflammatory process with subsequent additional fibrosis and, in fact, delay full recovery. (Diercks 2004).

Frozen Shoulder Traditional Therapy Problems