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Dr. Allan Austin Oolo - Frozen Shoulder Expert

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Learn About The Frozen Shoulder Expert Who Has Revolutionized
The Treatment Of Frozen Shoulder With His OAT Procedure

I don’t just cure my patients of Frozen Shoulder, I also restore their lives –Dr. Allan Austin Oolo


Dr. Allan Gary Austin Oolo, formerly Dr. Oolo-Austin, is also known as “Dr. O.” With over 35 years of practice, he is the founder and originator of Trigenics®. Dr. O is the first person in medical history to develop a cure for frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis. His novel Trigenics® “OAT” Procedure is nonsurgical operation that immediately restores near full range of motion to the frozen shoulder joint capsule.

Trigenics® is the most advanced neurological assessment and treatment system. It instantly alleviates pain and increases strength and movement.

Early in his career, Dr. Austin Oolo found that there was real disconnect in the way in which sufferers for frozen shoulder (i.e. Adhesive Capsulitis) were treated. Treatments were ineffective and resulted in permanent side effects with life long pain. In fact early in his career, Dr. Austin Oolo himself, was met with great challenges in providing his frozen shoulder patients with satisfactory results.

With over 300 million people worldwide suffering from Frozen Shoulder,
he was determined to find a way to help solve this dilemma.

So although there are treatments for frozen shoulder, they come with heavy risks. As such, Dr. Austin Oolo made it his mission to find a cure for this debilitating condition that was safer, more effective, and non-invasive (i.e. non-surgical).

Frozen Shoulder Expert

Over time, through diligent work and research, Dr. Austin Oolo developed what is now known as the most effective cure for frozen shoulder. He aptly named it The Oolo-Austin Trigenics Manual Capsular Dissection (OAT-MCD) Procedure. It is now more commonly referred to as the OAT Procedure.

The OAT Procedure is so effective that, despite how many years Dr. Austin Oolo’s patients have been suffering from this debilitating condition, he is able to deliver astounding results.

In fact, due to the results that he can achieve through his OAT Procedure, he has been profiled in many news reports. He has also treated many celebrities and is known as the doctor to the stars.

So, if you are suffering from frozen shoulder and are seeking a treatment that will cure your condition and return you back to the life that you once had, we encourage you to contact us to find out if you qualify for the ground-breaking Trigenics® OAT Procedure.