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Developed by Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin, the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure is an unprecedentedly successful, non-surgical operation to cure frozen shoulder.

This breakthrough medical procedure is becoming accepted globally as a rapid and effective treatment for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder.

Our patients fly from all over the world seeking a cure for their Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis). The World Frozen Shoulder Clinic’s Non-Surgical Operation – MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) is ONLY performed by Dr. Allan Gary Oolo- Austin and our MCD practitioner Linley Leuthard in either Toronto, Canada, Tallinn, Estonia and Hamilton, New Zealand.


International Patients: Travel to Canada with NO Covid-19 Travel Restrictions!



    Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin (aka Dr. O) is the developer of the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure for frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis.)

    He is the founder of a world-renowned neurological muscular assessment and treatment system which is practiced by thousands of doctors and therapists in over 30 countries worldwide. Dr. Oolo-Austin is also the founder of the chain of World Frozen Shoulder Clinics in Toronto, Canada, Tallinn, Estonia and Hamilton, New Zealand.

    Over his 40+ year career, Dr. Oolo-Austin has attained designations as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Osteopathic Practitioner, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Registered Acupunturist, Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor,Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, International Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and as a Fellow the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He is a member of the General Osteopathic Council of Canada. Dr. Oolo attained his PhD degree from Northern State Medical University in 2014.Dr. Oolo was was also knighted in Canada in 2014 and inducted into the Order of St George for his service to humanity. 

    In professional circles, Dr. O is well known for his highly advanced knowledge, proficiency, and skill in manual medicine. As such, he has taught courses at schools and universities for doctors, therapists, and trainers throughout the world. Dr. Oolo taught at Tallinn University, Department of Health and Sports Sciences and was a physical medicine and Chiropractic sports doctor at the Olympics for Estonia.

    Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin



    Dr Sunny Chen opt

    “World’s Absolute Authority On Frozen Shoulder!”

    I’m a board certified family physician and have worked as a primary care medical doctor both in New York and in Southern California. Then I suddenly became a miserable, suffering patient with two frozen shoulders–the left shoulder for around 6 months, and right shoulder for the past 2-1/2 months. Having Dr. O’s MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure performed was the best decision I ever made. Watch her video testimonial!

    Dr. Sun-Ling Chen, M.D., California, USA


    “Breakthrough Treatment!”

    In my capacity as a duly qualified medical physician, I have witnessed excellent results with numerous patients who have undergone Dr. O’s MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. All of these patients had attended numerous treatment sessions with various health practitioners and/or therapists with little or no results. See More Testimonials!

    Dr. Eric Silver MD, FCFP, CAFCI, Toronto, Canada

    Dr. Erika Simon, M.D., M.Sc., Budapest, Hungary

    “Outstanding Results!”

    As a medical rheumatologist, I have seen numerous patients with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder, with less than satisfying treatment results. A friend of mine who suffered from frozen shoulder for one year, had asked me to attend her MCD Procedure. After less than an hour of non-invasive manipulation of her shoulder with Dr. Oolo-Austin’s neuro-muscular treatment, my friend could lift her arm up above her head (see picture). There were also 3 other patients there who had undergone Dr. O’s MCD Procedure for frozen shoulder the day before. They also showed the same outstanding results. See More Testimonials!

    Dr. Erika Simon, M.D., M.Sc., Budapest, Hungary

    Dr. Allan Gary with customer

    “Dr. Austin Is For Real!”

    45 minutes after the MCD Procedure and with no surgery, magic happened! I could raise my arm above my head and regain functional range of motion. Dr. Oolo-Austin is for real, he actually cures frozen shoulders. While I was at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic, a constant flow of patients were coming from all over the world for treatment of their frozen shoulders. Everyone who had the MCD Procedure came out with big smiles moving their affected arms. It was overwhelming to watch. Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for taking care of me and giving me my life back! See More Testimonials!

    Vera Wiebe, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin

    How Our Specialized Shoulder Procedure Treatments Will Help You

    If you’re like most of the patients that seek treatment at a World Frozen Shoulder Clinic, you’ve probably tried a number of different therapies. Nothing has worked and now your shoulder pain and immobility is having a tremendous impact on both your quality and outlook on life.

    I want you to know that you’re not alone and that there IS hope for you.

    Dr. O’s specialized MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure is a one-day, non-surgical operation which is renowned around the world for its exceptionally high success rate in unfreezing patient’s frozen  shoulders to immediately restore motion and alleviate pain.

    Now, we know that given your previous experiences, our claims sound unbelievable and simply too good to be true. But if you watch our hundreds of testimonial videos and see the results that we’re been able to attain, you’ll realize that, if your case is accepted and you qualify for the MCD operation, our clinic will very probably provide you with the results that you’ve been desperately seeking.





    Why You Can Be Condifent That We Can Fix Your Frozen Shoulder? 

    We Are Very Selective As To Which Cases We Accept For Care: As you might imagine, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to heal every  frozen shoulder because of the large variety of underlying associated conditions.  However, to increase the likelihood of correcting your frozen shoulder, we follow a strict patient medical screening and qualification process to ensure that, if you’re a candidate for our treatment, you will have the highest probability of treatment success.

    Dr. O’s MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure Is Specific To Your Condition: Because no two frozen shoulder patient are the same and, in order to achieve our level of success and your desired results, our MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure will be performed with precision based on your shoulder’s unique and specific idiocyncracies.

    As a result, not only are we able to restore movement and alleviate pain from your frozen shoulder in just one day, but you can already begin to enjoy your life again the very next day.

    Get a Free Consultation – and free yourself from frozen shoulder!


    Developed by Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin, (“Dr. O”) the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure is an unprecedentedly successful, non-surgical operation to cure frozen shoulder.

    This breakthrough medical procedure will soon become accepted globally as a rapid and effective treatment for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder.

      Everyone with severe shoulder pain and dysfunction would like to know how to alleviate their shoulder pain quickly.

      Shoulder pain can be a tremendous detraction from quality of life. No one likes to live in constant pain and have their shoulder condition be a hindering factor in the enjoyment of their life.

      So, generally when shoulder pain sufferers experience problems, the first thing that they typically reach for is pills.

      We have all done it. Truth be told ingesting or injecting drugs becomes almost a desperate reflex action when living with terrible pain becomes intolerable. This is because pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs  can sometimes allow us to temporarily decrease the pain without significant effort. But, other than Dr. O’s MDC nonsurgical-operation, there is no quick fix for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. All medical books and research studies have cited that it is incurable and will hopefully resolve on its’s own over years.

      Important Considerations.

      Asking how to get rid of shoulder pain fast is a bit of a loaded question because it all depends on the degree of injury, how long you’ve been hurting and disabled, how much pain you’re in and how your body heals and adapts. Everyone is different.

      For instance, if it’s just a slight kind of pain that developed after you strained yourself from a lift, then it could be just a matter of simply relaxing to allow the body to recover without treatment.

      On the other hand, if you suffer from a chronic shoulder condition that’s moderate to extremely severe in reference to pain, this may be a completely different scenerio since there are quite a long list of potential complicating and contributing factors.

      To begin with, if your condition is chronic in nature, then chances are there’s a lot of fibrosis and scar tissue, chronic inflammation, and perhaps some bony degeneration (i.e. arthritis). (The longer the joint remains immobile, the more degenerative changes will develop).

      Consequently, addressing your dilemma at the source of your pain can take a lot of time and frustrating effort. .

      Help and Hope are at hand!

      Our globally renowned, World Frozen Shoulder Clinics provide an exclusive, highly advanced treatment protocol. The unprecedented outcomes that we have achieved are not only dramatic but also immediate.

      In fact, our treatment protocols for all shoulder conditions are so successful that a most of the shoulder pain patients we accept for care will experience a drastic decrease in pain and increased mobility within just 1-2 visits.

      For our adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder patients, we are recognized world-wide for providing these patients with a final quick solution to their miserable condition. Patients fly from all locations all over the world to get their lives back with Dr. O’s MCD Procedure.

      It is important to keep in mind, however, that your shoulder pain may have been developing and degenerating for a very long time and quite a lot of damage may have developed. Consequently, it can still take some time with post-procedural rehabilitation treatments to completely alleviate all pain and sustainably restore full movement to your shoulder.

      So to sum things up, when it comes down to healing your shoulder pain, it’s not all about how to alleviate shoulder pain fast. Ultimately it’s about getting to the sources of your complex condition and enabling all components of your shoulder condition to effectively heal.

      We are here to provide YOU with the solution you have been desperately looking for. 

      If you’re currently suffering with chronic moderate to severe shoulder pain and/or immobility and you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for our specialized shoulder procedures, just contact us by phone or email. We are waiting to help you get your quality of life and happiness back.