Testimonials from our patients

My advice really, to everyone, is to go to Dr. Oolo-Austin as soon as you are diagnosed with frozen shoulder.

I am a happy patient who has had both shoulders cured by Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin with his amazing MCD Procedure. The first time was 3 years ago and the second was just 3 days ago. I could not believe that I got it in the second shoulder but the second time was much better because I made the decision to come much earlier than when I finally went for the first one. The first time I waited and finally had the procedure after suffering with the frozen shoulder for 9 months but the second time I had the MCD Procedure after only 3 months. Because I did not wait this time, I think I hadn’t lost so much range of movement and although I also again had tendinitis and bursitis it was not as bad as the last time. This time, I was still a bit scared of taking the decision, as I am not going to lie, my first experience wasn’t at all easy but it was well worth it.

My first time after the MCD Procedure, I had gained all range of movement as Dr. Oolo-Austin had promised but the rehabilitation exercises and the pain from the bursitis and tendinitis, which still needed to heal, made it very challenging, I definitely needed a lot of patience and ability to follow Dr. O’s instructions and work through the pain. Also, the first time, I had taken the decision to come against other people’s opinions including my doctor. and that made me, particularly in times of pain, very doubtful about the whole thing.

In both cases, things went very well but in the second case, recovery already seems to be happening much faster. The first time I still felt a lot pain from the tendonitis and bursitis and it was really hard and took time and dedication to my exercises to finally gain full pain-free range of motion. I have to say that in both cases, the pain after the MCD Procedure was immediately different from the frozen shoulder pain. Although it was still somewhat painful after my shoulder motion was restored with the MCD Procedure, it was not that terrible frozen shoulder pain during the day or night. The hard frozen shoulder nerve pain was completely gone right after the procedure to my great relief!

A few months ago, my worst nightmare happened when I realized that I was getting it on my other shoulder. Even worse, this time it was my right dominant shoulder, which I really needed to work. Once again normal medicine, was only prepared to provide me with painkillers anti-inflammatory pills, and if they didn’t work, then cortisone shots etc and all of this taking months in between one from the other. This resulted in my shoulder being more and more stiff and painful and more time lost from work.

This time, I contacted the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic earlier so the condition of my shoulder and arm was not as deteriorated and the whole experience was much easier, The doctor at the clinic (a professional medical center) that administrates the local anesthetics keeps an eye on everything and double checks that everything is in place. Dr Oolo-Austin and his team were again, gentle, caring and professional. And this time it was sooooo much easier, I believe this to be because I went a lot sooner and did not wait around hoping it would get better by itself. The frozen shoulder exercises afterwards are much easier to do and less painful. Everything is sooo much better!!

My testimonial here is just one of many so you don’t have to take my word for it but please know, anyone out there, that I am happy to be contacted by phone in Spain if anyone wants to ask me directly about my experience with Dr. Oolo-Austin and the wonderful MCD Procedure.

My advice really, to everyone, is to go to Dr. Oolo-Austin as soon as you are diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Don’t wait to have less range of movement and be prepared to love pain. Also don’t allow fear to make a wrong decision.

Ana Rodriguez

Ana Rodriguez

I was in Physical therapy for 8 months before I got fed up and found the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Canada. I got my frozen shoulder from a wrongly placed flu shot / not in the deltoid as it should have been but more towards the bursa. after Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin fixed me I have never had a problem. My shoulder works as well as it did when I was a child. Need I say more?


Back in January, I saw a comment Steven Nehez made about the MCD Procedure, and it gave us the courage to make the drive from Indiana to Toronto for my frozen shoulder. What seemed ‘too good to be true’ was made real reading Steven’s story. I’m now about 10 weeks ‘post-MCD’ and have my life and shoulder back. The commitment to rehabilitating and strengthening the shoulder is something one must be willing to do for a lifetime, which I’m still working on, but I feel exactly like he does in gratitude for Dr. O. and this procedure for frozen shoulder.


I will never forget my Independence Day which was February 29, 2016. A day that shouldn’t exist. (February normally has 28 days.) Dr. Austin CURED my frozen shoulder. Just shy of one year later, I’m at 99% back to normal. My frozen shoulder was described by Dr. Austin as a 8 or 9 on a scale of 10. I could barely move and I was 48 years old. It took three months from being able to do high energy aerobics and able to run six miles to be completely incapacitated by this seriously horrifying condition. I will NOT mention the names of the several “quack” doctors I saw in the States who supposedly knew what I had. On a Saturday in early January, 2016, my daughter was studying for high school at our kitchen table and I started researching my condition and sat there for five hours. It was then that I discovered Dr. O and his MCD Procedure. I had to wait until Monday morning around 9AM to call his office and I was soon on another call as a consultation. Dr. Austin was overseas and I waited and chose February 29 for the procedure. If you have this condition, you MUST demand a full explanation of what your preferred doctor knows about it. If they stand there fumbling around, they’re lying. On February 29, it took exactly one hour for me to go from a 9/10 frozen shoulder to being 90% repaired by the MCD Procedure. It took months of rehab and exercise as prescribed by Dr. Austin’s office (found on his website) to keep improving. Today, I am 30 pounds lighter and back to exercising for fun and health. God created Angels. Angels do exist. Dr. Austin is an angel!

Watch Stephen’s Before MCD Video

Here’s Stephen’s After The MCD Video!


I am from Toronto, Ontario. I found the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic on-line and was pleased to see that they have a clinic in Toronto. I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder in January 2016 and the clinic confirmed this diagnosis viewing photos of me trying to put with arm into 3 different positions (above my head, behind my back and in the “I solemnly vow” position.)

I had the condition for about 5 months before I had the procedure performed on March 1, 2016. I didn’t have a tremendous amount of pain (only with certain movements.) It was the lack of mobility that was really challenging for me. It was hard to put on a coat or even blow dry my hair. I briefly tried physiotherapy treatments in January with no improvement; my shoulder kept freezing more.

Of course, I had my reservations about MCD Procedure but the videos and testimonials on the website were convincing. Invaluable for me was reading on-line Dr. Oolo-Austin’s theory about what causes Frozen Shoulder–nerve impingement in the neck, hormonal imbalance and trauma to the shoulder. I had all of these. Nobody I talked to had heard of the MCD Procedure but I knew I had to try it. The alternatives were not great.

The practitioners at the clinic are fantastic and well as the front office staff who administer the decompression and laser treatments. Chiropractic and acupuncture treatments at the clinic as well as cervical decompression at the clinic have helped very much. I was glad I was able to continue care at the Toronto clinic. I also received regular laser treatments on my shoulder. I am almost 5-months post-procedure and am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Full shoulder mobility and arm/shoulder strength are returning.


Prior to coming to the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic, I obtained treatment from multiple different doctors and medical practitioners including an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractors, multiple physical therapists, acupuncturist, and an A.R.T practitioner.

My pain level when I started care was only about a 6 as I’ve had the condition for over three years. But afterwards my pain was immediately reduced to half that amount and that’s including the immediate swelling and soreness from the dissection procedure itself.

Frankly, I was hesitant to try Dr. Oolo-Austin’s procedure because the high claimed success rate seemed too good to be true given all that I had tried in the past. I still don’t know why other medical professionals have yet to hear about this. I did my research and decided to try it and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Oolo-Austin and his staff were friendly and professional. Immediately following the MCD Procedure I was able to put my hand/arm into areas that it hadn’t seen in years. The videos are for real. You can try all the rehab with the possibility that none of it will work, or you can visit Dr. Oolo-Austin and have it done in one visit. Your choice.


Hi, I’m doing great! Hardly any pain now. A little stiff in the morning until I do my exercises which I know is normal. My ROM in the “I surrender” position is so much better. I can actually reach back and button and zip my own clothes now. So happy I had the MCD Procedure! All has been positive for me. Thanks so much to Dr. Oolo-Austin and the entire staff at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Toronto!


You may not remember me. But I received the treatment for my adhesive capsulitis (for left shoulder) at your clinic in January of this year. I am the Japanese woman from Wisconsin. Now, 6 months later, I am quite strong and my arm mobility range is almost 90% including back (front is close to 100%). It’s been like that since mid April. It is a miracle indeed. Though I still have to treat my neck (cervical spine herniated disks, stenosis), I am so much healthier and strong. I am hoping that I can avoid the surgery totally rest of my life. I would like to let you know that I am well and quite happy. I thank Dr. Oolo-Austin and the team and your service. Thank you. Oh I wanted to add you that my husband took me to kayaking last week. We enjoyed the 4-hour kayaking on Wisconsin River where a beautiful mountain hills are viewed. It was unimaginable from 1st quarter of this year. It is indeed a miracle. Thank you for what you guys do everyday at World Frozen Shoulder Clinic.


Dear Doctor Allan Oolo-Austin,

I cannot thank you enough for fixing my frozen shoulder! I still can’t believe that I walked into your clinic one day unable to move my arm or shoulder and I walked out with full movement and almost no pain. Absolutely incredible!

You have been blessed with healing hands. I want to also compliment you and your staff at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic on your kindness, warmth and professionalism. From the minute I walked into your Toronto location, after coming all the way from California, I felt welcomed. I knew I was in the right place.

I have to be honest with you and tell you that I was quite apprehensive about the MCD Procedure. Flying in on a long flight from another country and not having much information about you or your clinic, it made me a little nervous as I had some reservations about whether I had made the right decision. I am a man of my instincts however and a little voice inside of me said do it. So, at the last minute, I booked a flight to Toronto and made hotel arrangements. Now, two days later after the procedure, I am so so glad that I never stopped believing in miracles.

Five weeks prior to the MCD Procedure I suffered from medically diagnosed adhesive capsulitis which is also called frozen shoulder. I was absolutely miserable constantly, night and day. The range of motion on my right arm was limited and excruciatingly painful. Simple activities like washing my hair, changing clothes, opening doors, lifting or reaching, getting in and out of car, writing and typing were impossible or extremely painful. It was even impossible to sleep as the deep severe pain in my shoulder kept me awake. I would attempt to position my arm in several ways to ease the pain. Sometimes it felt like a sharp knife poking me, other times my fingers would tingle and get numb. At times when I made quick movements, the pain brought tears to my eyes. Two Orthopedic surgeons that I saw said that all I could do is to go to physical therapy (would not improve condition) and maybe in two to three years the condition would subside. All the literature and articles I read stated the same. I felt defeated, dejected and depressed.

Since I am a very physically active person, I still could not accept that there was no treatment for this condition. I started to more deeply search the internet and finally came across a youtube video called frozen shoulder fixed in 1 minute. Having researched frozen shoulder and seen so many specialists who told me there was no cure, fixing it this fast seemed completely impossible. Out of curiosity however, I did view the video. It made me more curious so I searched for more information about the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic and for more locations. In addition I wanted to know Dr. Oolo-Austin’s medical credentials and his track record in successfully treating frozen shoulder. He is, after all, the inventor of the MCD Procedure and the one who would be performing the operation on my shoulder.

I called the clinic and spoke with a staff member. I asked them if the MCD Procedure really worked. She immediately said “Yes, absolutely” and told me that she had personally seen all of the hundreds of patients from all over the world that had been coming there for over 10 years to have the procedure performed. She said that it was totally amazing. With that said, I made the appointment.

As I write this letter to you, I am in the airport on my way back to California 2 days after you conducted the MCD Procedure. I am cured! You really fixed me! Thank you so so much! I have an appointment in 4 weeks with one of the Orthopedic surgeons that told me there was no cure and I can’t wait to see the shock on his face when I wave at him using the arm he told me could not be cured. I want every Orthopedic specialist and physical therapist in the world to know that there IS a CURE and Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin in Toronto, Canada has and does cure frozen shoulder in only one visit. I am living proof!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Oolo-Austin for discovering and developing the MCD Procedure which incredibly cures frozen shoulder in one visit with no general anesthesia and no surgery.

I am forever grateful.


I had heard about a Frozen Shoulder specialist in Toronto, Canada that offered a treatment unlike any that were presented to me in the USA, even after expensive consultations with specialists and innumerable, completely ineffective physical therapy treatments. Needless to say, after suffering for months with no relief, I wish I had heard about the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure sooner. My frozen shoulder was literally fixed in less than an hour! Absolutely incredible. None of my doctors or my friends can believe it. I can only say that the amazing results I got undergoing the MCD Procedure, absolutely justified the expense of my trip to their specialized clinic.


I couldn’t believe how I felt immediately after the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure. My arm was up and moving in ways that, I had been told by so called experts, would not be possible again for years, if ever.

Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure is truly a revolutionary medical breakthrough. It is incredible to get results with severe frozen shoulder like this without surgery. The pain in my shoulder is gone, and my mobility returned to full range after just a couple days.


Since October 2012, after having a Hepatitis injection in my shoulder muscle, I have been in pain. After seeing the doctors numerous times to be told you have muscle spasms and after taking many painkillers, I saw my chiropractor who diagnoses an adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. My medical physician and the physiotherapists I was seeing agreed with the diagnosis. Unfortunately, to my great frustration, no one was able to relieve the pain or help me regain my shoulder movement. Nothing that was tried worked. My Chiropractor, recommended that I get in touch with Dr Allan Oolo-Austin, who asked for X-Rays and, after carefully reviewing my case, said I would be a good candidate for his MCD Procedure. Within 2-3 weeks we flew to Estonia from England for the procedure.

Incredibly within 1/2 hour of my walking in to see Dr. Oolo-Austin, I had the full use of my arm again. Immediately after the MCD Procedure, I could lift my arm completely above my head. The night of the procedure, I even washed my hair myself with that arm for the first time in months and no pain! Totally Amazing!

I would recommend Dr. Oolo-Austin to any person with this condition – he is simply a miracle worker!


To whom it may concern,

Please find a testimonial here written from my heart regarding Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin.
Since I flew from France to Estonia to have Dr. Oolo perform his MCD Procedure, I had suffered terribly with a medically diagnosed adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder for 5 months.

I saw my medical doctor in early July 2013 who ordered scans and x-rays. He sent me to visit a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Great was my disappointment with this specialist doctor who diagnosed my condition as adhesive capsulitis but could offer no descent solution whatsoever, except for useless injections, physiotherapy and patience. Lots and lots of patience because I was told by him that adhesive capsulitis may or may not heal after 2-3 years depending on whether or not the natural healing process will engage. My understanding is that if it is left frozen for too long, then some permanent shoulder deterioration or arthritis will develop and I didn’t want that or to be suffering so long in pain and to be debilitated for so long either. My entire livelihood depends on my ability to use my arm as does my quality of life.

Like many, I discovered by myself, the three levels of agony that accompany a frozen shoulder.
1. Pain and disability on the physical level.
2. Pain on the emotional level with depression from the realization that the medical profession cannot offer any cure.
3. Pain on the mental level as I experienced my entire life becoming paralyzed and frozen.

What I also experienced over a relatively short period with my shoulder frozen is that my entire body began twisting and warping itself as the muscles of the arm and shoulder stopped being used properly thereby creating substantial collateral damage throughout my body. Of course, not a word of concern about these side effect and damage was uttered to me by any medical professionals. As a negative psychological effect often seems to follow a negative physiological effect, my emotional state collapsed and I became depressed as I saw no way out of this–unless I found a way to help myself. I think that it was some out of the box thinking that guided my search on the internet to find Dr Allan Oolo-Austin with his youtube videos and internet site. My internet search found only super positive reports on Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure for frozen shoulder and it finally gave me hope. In support of my research, it was also my good fortune to personally know an extremely reputable British Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Simon Billings, whose frozen shoulder patients had coincidentally undergone Dr Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure in Estonia with amazing results! It was Dr. Billings who told me, “Bernard, there is only one person in the world that can cure your frozen shoulder and it is Dr Allan Oolo-Austin with his MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure. You need to go to see him.” With this very powerful recommendation, I immediately e-mailed Dr Oolo-Austin.

In order to be scheduled for Dr. Oolo-Austin’s procedure, my case had to be screened and approved by him for safety and probable success. After a lot of contact with his clinic, filling in questionnaires, sending reports and X-rays, I was deemed to be a good candidate for his procedure. After the date for my procedure was confirmed, I booked my flight to Estonia immediately.

Dr. Oolo-Austin performed the MCD on my frozen shoulder on Oct 29th 2013. His treatment immediately and incredibly freed my shoulder. To my great astonishment I was able to raise my arm all the way up to the ceiling as well as doing push ups one hour after the procedure! It was simply amazing!

It has now been a little over a week since I have had my procedure and I have again seen my medical doctor who, aside from being shocked and surprised, said that, as far as he is concerned, my shoulder is cured! In addition, my father saw his urologist today whose best friend is a very well known shoulder surgeon specialist. This surgeon could not believe that a frozen shoulder could be cured so quickly. He wants to know everything about my case and about Dr. Oolo-Austin. So it seems the word is spreading about Dr. Oolo-Austin and his MCD Procedure already here in France!

I can testify that Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure works incredibly well, that his youtube videos are real and true and that he will free your frozen shoulder as he has done mine. I urge anyone with frozen shoulder to contact him asap as there are no others in the world that can do what he does!

Words like appreciation and gratitude only do partial justice to Dr Oolo-Austin and all that he has done for me and all that he will enable you to bring back to yourself in your life.


To anyone suffering with frozen shoulder,

I went this week through a most unique experience. I traveled with my wife from Israel to Estonia to see shoulder expert, Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin who had developed the MCD Procedure to cure frozen shoulder. When meeting Dr. Oolo-Austin and his Estonian assistant, I was exposed to ultimate professionalism and, at the same time, unparalleled personal attention and care.

I have been suffering for the last 6 months from a severe adhesive capsulitis commonly known as frozen shoulder. My shoulder could not move almost at all in any direction and I was in constant pain for the last half year. I was in a terrible state.I consulted with top specialists in our country who, more or less gave the same opinion: you have to learn to cope with it, and maybe, hopefully, it will melt within 1-2 years. Practically this meant for me 24/7 of continuous pain, limitation of basic body movements and severe deterioration of my life quality. I tried all types of treatments including extensive physiotherapy, massage and even injections, however I just suffered from a worsening of my condition and further deterioration. Even the best therapists in Israel could not help me. It seemed that no one could help me.

Fortunately, my daughter came up with Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin’s name when searching the internet for an aid and solution to my terrible situation.. She told me that she had researched his novel frozen shoulder procedure which had helped so many other patients who had flown to see him from all over the world in the last 10 years. Initially, the idea to fly to your World Frozen Shoulder Clinic location in Tallinn, Estonia for a treatment that is world exclusive sounded somewhat risky. The fact is, however, that Dr. Oolo-Austin’s personality as he appeared in the You Tube videos, together with the endless pain I was constantly suffering with, finally convinced me. One should add that after hundreds of patients treated, I did not find a single record of claim or failure anywhere on the internet.

After arrival to Tallinn and a detailed interview and pre-operative neuro-muscular preparatory treatment, I went through Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure.

The result is amazing! It is immediate!

In minutes I found my arm in positions that did not exist at all in the last six month. In only 2 days, the pain was reduced dramatically.
Your MCD Procedure is a true and clear success!

Dr. Oolo-Austin is all you want to find in a doctor. Exceptional knowledge of all details related to frozen shoulder: the physiology, the procedure, risks and side effects. Above all Dr. Oolo-Austin is a Mensch (a person with fundamental decency, integrity and compassion).
It is not only that I recommend to all those who suffer with frozen shoulder to very seriously consider this treatment, but also call upon their physicians and therapists to be aware of this important breakthrough treatment.


When I first heard about the MCD I was were skeptical, especially as I had a frozen shoulder before and needed to have surgery. Before that I had at least 6 month of PT without success. So I got some more information about the MCD and decided to go for it instead of having another surgery (different shoulder though). I don’t do well with anesthesia and wanted to avoid it. The pain was a lot and the recovery time took about 6 months.

After I first met Dr. Oolo-Austin and he did his assessment and worked a bit on my shoulder I was already able to move my arm more freely.

When I came back from having local anesthesia done I met another patient in the waiting room. She had the procedure done the day before and she and her husband were very positive. She was able to move her arm all the way up again and was glad that the pain was gone. This experience helped me when going in the room for my procedure.

The procedure itself was even quicker as I first thought and the result was visible right away. The most important thing was that the excruciating pain was gone immediately. I was in pain, but in a different way and a bearable amount of pain. I was able to move my arm all the way up, it was weak, but it moved. I was quite exhausted, but glad it was finally over.

The exercises had to be done every hour and were not even difficult to do, just a tiny bit at the end of the motion range. But even that I could accomplish after practicing a bit and taking the pain medication. My first noticeable success was when I tried to adjust the shower head in the hotel room the next morning with both hands, without even noticing that I was using both arms. I was just standing in the shower smiling.

Since then everything is getting better each day. The hotel had a pool and the next day I did try most of the exercises in the pool which made it even easier to do.

I am glad I decided to do the MCD. Compared to the surgery where I had to be on pain pills for quite some time and do very painful exercises I did not have that much motion until at least 6 weeks after the surgery. But the MCD gave it to me within a few hours.


I’m a retired Computer Technician and reside in Sacramento, California. I have suffered from a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) for about 2 years. I’ve tried everything that I could possibly think of to remedy the problem from heating pads, cold packs, sleeping on different beds, adding support systems to the bed, raising the level of the head of the bed, Electronic Tens Therapy Stimulation unit and Physical Therapy. As time went on, my frozen shoulder became worse, I experienced less mobility and eventually excruciating pains in the upper arm that would wake me up at all hours of the night. Along with this I was taking large dosages of Motrin and Tylenol to get rid of the pain but did very little with curing the problem, seeing no cure in sight. I had seen an orthopedic doctor who said that this type of problem could take months to years to cure itself or may never ever get better. Surgery was an option but best prognosis would be 4 to 6 months of recovery and I may never fully regain use of my arm. The doctor recommended Physical Therapy which I tried for about 2 months but all it did was may the pain worse and did nothing to cure the problems. I was feeling that it was deteriorating and taking away my life one a day at a time. I’m normally a very active person and are constantly busy working with my hands building and making things in my workshop. But because of the frozen shoulder, I was beginning to lose interest in doing any of the things that I enjoyed because of this pain and not having full mobility with my shoulder and arm.

I began to do some research with trying to find a cure for the frozen shoulder. I stumbled across a YouTube video of Dr. Oolo-Austin’s. The more research I did on his MCD Procedure, the more videos I saw of people being cured of this problem in just a short amount of time. I began to be convinced this was my last hope for remedying this shoulder issue. When I discussed the MCD Procedure with my orthopedic doctor, he said that he was wary of this procedure and cautioned me in my choice. In March 2016, I made the choice to have the MCD Procedure done. It has been a little over 2 weeks now since the procedure and I am seeing remarkable success in my shoulder and arm. I now have more mobility in my arm and shoulder than I ever had. Many other things have come out of having this procedure done other than the mobility. Little things such as no sharp pain down the arm, being able to sleep through the night, and being able to turn my head more to the right than before. But the most improved thing has been a problem that I’ve suffered with in the last few years. A neck pain which would lead to migraine type headaches. In the past and before the procedure, I was always having a problem with working on something where I would be looking in an upward manner, such as looking at a computer monitor for a long period of time. I would begin to have a pain in the back of the neck and then it would progress around to the front of my forehead. I would end up having a severe headache almost to the point of a migraine. I would also get this sometimes while sitting on the couch watching television or even in the middle of the night while sleeping on my back and the back of my head positioned flat on the pillow. I would end up taking a high dosage of Motrin and within about an hour, the headache would eventually go away. After having the MCD Procedure done, I have not had one of these headaches since. Even now as I speak, I have been on the computer most of the day today. By now I should have had one of those headaches. My thought is that the frozen shoulder was somehow pinching or pushing against something possibly in my neck that would eventually generate into the severe headache. I am SO relieved that I don’t have those anymore!!

I still have several weeks of stretching exercises to perform before I’m completely recovered from the procedure. I’m not out of the woods yet with a full recovery but I can honestly say that I would have not progressed this far and recovered so quickly had I continued in the path with the physical therapy. I’m able to do things now that I would have never dreamt of doing in this short of a time period after having work done on my frozen shoulder. This procedure is truly the way to rid the frozen shoulder problems. I highly recommend if you have been experiencing frozen shoulder symptoms, that you look into having this procedure done and get your life back to where it should be. There is light at the end of the tunnel and by having this treatment performed you will see things change for the better and much sooner than any other methods. That light is getting brighter every day for me!

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I have been a registered nurse for 22 years in Indiana, USA. Strangely enough I have never heard of frozen shoulder or knew anyone who had these symptoms. I began doing internet research for extremely painful shoulder. I found adhesive capsulitis but the description did not sound nearly as painful as the symptoms I was having (I guess if you have never suffered from this atrocity you would not be able to describe the terrible pain or even have empathy for the pain).
I went to an urgent care center that performed an x-ray and said there was nothing showing on the x-ray. The first professional I chose to go to was my chiropractor. He told me that I was having classic symptoms of frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis. He gave me exercises to do but they were so extremely painful I could not do them. I scheduled an appointment with my family practitioner. He sent me for a MRI and scheduled me to go to see an orthopedic physician. The ortho doctor reviewed my MRI and took additional x-rays. He told me I had adhesive capsulitis and tendonitis. He also gave me orders to go see a physical therapist three times a week for a month then return to him for steroid injections.

My range of motion had all but disappeared. It was difficult to wash, brush, or style my hair, to put on or take off clothing, to drive or even give hugs to my family. I left the orthopedist’s office in tears. I could not imagine the pain of physical therapy. I just kept thinking if I can’t move my own arm without pain how could someone else without knowing the level of my pain. Furthermore I was afraid more damage would be caused.

I was on Facebook one day and typed in frozen shoulder. Two primary sites appeared. One was a support group and the other was a World Frozen Shoulder Clinic page. I asked to join the support group as I was becoming so depressed due to the constant pain and fear this would never go away. No one that I knew had any idea what I was going through. I began searching through the FB page. I saw a video that I watched in absolute wonder. I kept asking myself, could this be true? I went to You Tube and found additional videos that I spent an entire evening watching as many videos that I could find.
I requested to be contacted by the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic. Within 24 hours I was contacted by a very kind representative who told me exactly what to do. The process was relatively easy. Any x-rays or MRIs that were taken the progress reports and images were to be sent. The next evening I showed my husband the videos. After he watched many he asked what do we have to do? I told him I had already made contact. The next day I began to collect the information that was required and an appointment with the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Toronto.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to share my new found information with my frozen shoulder support group on Facebook. I was shocked when the group began to attack me a about my choice to go to Dr. Allen Oolo-Austin. I received statements such as “that is impossible frozen shoulder cannot be fixed in a day,” “why would you let a chiropractor do this to you, why not a dentist?” and the big one, “I would rather live in hell then to go through that torture.” I was angered by these comments so I retorted that I would rather live as a lion for a day than a sheep for the rest of my life. The leader of the group responded quite angrily that I must not really know what frozen shoulder is like because those with frozen shoulder are not sheep. Then I was immediately blocked from the site.

If I could I would like to reach to the members of that group and tell them I kept my appointment with Dr. Oolo-Austin two days ago. I can now lift my arm up beside my head, hug my family with my arms over their shoulders and have not had any zingers. Recovery continues with prescribed exercises. The arm is sore but not in pain.

Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for giving my life back!!!!!!


I cannot thank Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin and his staff enough for helping me finally get relief from my frozen shoulder problem after an 8 years wait.

I have had many x-rays and MRI’s done over the years and the most anyone could find was a little bit of tendonitis. It was not until about 6 months ago that a physical therapist I was going to suggested to have my Doctor check me again for frozen shoulder. My Doctor finally did some test and determined that I did have frozen shoulder. I tried many month of deep tissue massage and physical therapy with little results. Other Doctors I went to only wanted to do surgery on my shoulder.

Through a bunch of research I found your World Frozen Shoulder Clinic web site and watched a few of your You Tube videos. Most people I spoke to said that it was impossible to fix frozen shoulder in one day. However, since I did not want surgery, I figured it was worth a shot to see if your MCD Procedure would actually work.

Right after the short procedure I could not believe I had full range of motion back. Its been 8 years since my shoulder has felt this great!! If it was not for you and your MCD Procedure, I don’t know what I would of done. You are one AWESOME Dr. with one AWESOME staff.

Thanks for giving me my life back. I will recommend you to everyone I see. Thanks so much!!!


I had frozen shoulder for almost 2 years. I went to see my family medical doctor and he had sent me for an ultrasound but, they didn’t see anything in the ultrasound and because, I had so much pain my doctor suggested to me that I have to start physiotherapy. And so, after almost 13 months of pain and disability, I started physiotherapy. It was a terrible experience because after 2 sessions the pain became much worse than before and I became so disabled that I then couldn’t do anything with my left hand. The physiotherapy made me so much worse that, afterwards, it was almost impossible for me to do any easy task.

Finally, after I had been suffering with this terrible condition for nearly 2 years, I was searching through the internet again to see if there was a cure for frozen shoulder. Thank God, I finally found Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin and his MCD Procedure to cure frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis. After I watched all the videos, and how those people got cured from frozen shoulder after only one visit with Dr. Oolo-Austin, I immediately made an appointment to go to his World Frozen Shoulder Clinic so that I could see him.

After looking at all my medical reports and my Xrays and after a very thorough special frozen shoulder examination, he told me that I was a good candidate for his operation. I underwent the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure 4 days ago and now, I can finally move my left hand and arm again above my head for the first time in 2 years!

Thank you so much Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin for giving me my life back and everything you did for me. God bless you!


I had been to physiotherapy, massage therapists, received cortisone shots and as much self-help information as I could find. When it became apparent that professionals couldn’t help me and trying to resolve it myself wasn’t working I started doing research on treatment options. That is when I discovered Dr. Oolo-Austin of the World Frozen Shoulder Clinics. Though at first skeptical, I found story after story about how he had given hem their lives back. Was this too good to be true?? I found this out for myself on Nov 25 when I flew from Calgary to Toronto to have Dr. Oolo-Austin and his staff, perform the MCD Procedure on my shoulder. I went in hoping for some return of my range of motion but the simple fact is that I was raising my arm over my head in less than hour; something I had not been able to do for over 6 months. Dr. Oolo-Austin has developed a procedure that gives the results he said he could get. His staff are amazing and I was made to feel so comfortable and they are genuinely concerned about you – you are not just another appointment to them.

I am not prone to tears but found myself almost sobbing after I was able to raise my arm above my head because he had given me back my life!!! I was also able to tell that this is a real sense of pride for him because he was grinning as hard as I was crying! He truly is a godsend and for those that been poked, prodded and told that surgery is their only option, contact his office. With surgery you will be facing months of very difficult rehab, but with this, the first three days are imperative to do the exercises to keep the joint open. I can tell every time I do the exercise that it is getting better. The only sad thing is that I won’t get to see Dr. Oolo-Austin again – nobody has ever had to go back to get the procedure done again; which is completely the opposite of what I was finding with physical therapists – you just keep going back, costing every visit, but never seeing any results.

Don’t suffer with frozen shoulder. Contact their office to find out for yourself what he is able to do for you. You won’t regret it… I know I don’t. Thanks again Dr. Oolo-Austin for giving me back my life!!!


In the past year, I’ve seen two osteopaths, a physiotherapist and an orthopedic surgeon who finally diagnosed my frozen shoulder. He said: “Come back in 3 months and then we can operate on it, if its not better”. The problem is that it might take years for it to get better, so i would definitely be in for an operation which I did not want.

I came to see Dr. Oolo-Austin yesterday and my right shoulder, in less than 24 hours after the procedure, is already better. It is a bit painful to raise still, but I would not have been able to do this at all yesterday morning, so I am obviously already very pleased!

I would recommend to everybody suffering with a frozen shoulder to fly to Estonia or Canada to see Dr. Oolo-Austin. Watch James’ MCD Procedure video and see how he’s feeling the day after his MCD!

Nothing else helped but the MCD Procedure definitely worked for me!

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I tore my left shoulder rotator cuff at work in September of 2015 and soon after saw an orthopedist. At that time my range of motion (ROM) was still very good but there was some pain that would not go away. He gave me a list of exercises to do and sent me home. Three months later I went to another orthopedist as the pain got much worse and I was losing ROM. This one was a surgeon and, of course, he suggested surgery for about $30K and more exercises. Finally, I saw a third orthopedist/specialist that diagnosed me with ‘frozen shoulder’. Now that I had a name for this condition I went on the Internet and did lots of research. I eventually found Dr. Oolo-Austin and the MCD Procedure on YouTube. After reading all the positive reviews, I arranged to fly to Toronto for the procedure on July 13, 2016.

It is now December 2016 and I can happily state that I am almost 100% recovered, having only mild pain at the boundaries of my ROM. It took some time and persistence with the prescribed exercises, especially on the external rotation and reaching behind my back, but that finally improved dramatically with my persistence. My beloved scuba diving is once again doable–hooray!

I highly recommend Dr. O and his ‘team’ at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic. They get results and they guarantee their work. And their care and attention AFTER the procedure is the best I have ever encountered, bar none. They are the best solution for the dreadful ‘frozen shoulder’ I’ve found, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all the staff at especially Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin!!!


I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) in July by a physiotherapist and my MD. My PT suggested I research the MCD Procedure as a possible solution, depending on how things went with physio. Well, we didn’t make much progress, and he did not want to get aggressive with my condition. I started to research the MCD in August, and made my appointment to have an assessment. Having had freezing for about 3 months at that point, I hoped I would be a good candidate as the limits on my daily life and activities were becoming very taxing.

Dr Oolo-Austin’s assessment indicated my adhesive capsulitis (AC) was quite severe: 30 degrees forward and sideways, and very limited movement behind my back. I booked my procedure for September 18th. While it was painful for about 10 minutes, having my range of motion restored was an incredible feeling. I followed the hourly requirement to move through the range of motion exercises, and managed to get some rest with my arm draped over my head. I needed painkillers for the first few days, but after that was able to taper back to overnight, and occasionally during the day.

From my perspective, the key to success with MCD is the exercises. Yes, they’re painful, but pushing through the pain is critical to recovery. I now have full range of motion with minimal discomfort in some positions as I push to restore my previous capacity.

If you’re considering this procedure, know this: it works if you work it. Dr Oolo-Austin can do wonders but keeping what he can give you is up to you.


I have been suffering with frozen shoulder symptoms in my left hand and shoulder for almost three months now. I couldn’t sleep at night and my hand didn’t move properly. Finally I found Dr. Oolo-Austin’s World Frozen Shoulder Clinic. I had my doubts at the beginning though because I couldn’t believe that there actually really is somebody out there who could treat my shoulder. Fortunately I still decided to give it a try.

The MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure for my frozen shoulder was performed yesterday. I was a little bit scared still but everything went well and the outcome was amazing. Now I’m able to raise my arms up again. Yesterday, before the procedure was that impossible but now it is. At the moment my shoulder is a little sensitive still because it must recover from the release. I’m also doing some shoulder exercises given by Dr. Oolo-Austin to increase the strength of my shoulder and keep the mobility. How was Eino feeling the day after his MCD?

Lyne Photo

Prior to the MCD Procedure I was suffering from Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder. I was in excruciating pain day and night and unable to sleep. I had no range of motion in my left arm. As an artist I was unable to paint or do simple daily activities. For the last three months I had numerous massages and physiotherapy treatments. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who told me I would need surgery and was given multiple pain medications that was making me sick. I ended up at the ER with dangerously high blood pressure 220-113 rapid heartbeat 109. I felt like I was dying. Since I didn’t want any surgery I decided to seek treatments with Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin. I was skeptical at first; however, after extended research on Dr. Oolo-Austin I knew I made the right decision. I flew from Florida to Toronto to the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic for an assessment. Dr. Oolo-Austin’s incredibly good bed side manners, the friendly staff and atmosphere of the clinic gave me confidence to have the MCD Procedure.
Minutes after the MCD Procedure sitting down with no surgery, magic happened. I could raise my arm above my head and regain functional range of motion. Dr. Oolo-Austin is for real, he actually cures frozen shoulders. While at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic with my follow up, a constant flow of patients were coming from all over the world for frozen shoulders. Everyone who had the MCD Procedure came out with big smiles moving their affected arms. It was astounding to watch. Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for taking care of me and finally after three months you gave me my life back.


Dr. Oolo-Austin is my hero. He performed the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure on me yesterday and right away I could lift my arm over my head! It had been 6 months that I couldn’t move like that. I had previously tried just about everything including chiropractic and massage which did not help very much. I was still in constant terrible pain and very discouraged until I found Dr. Oolo-Austin on Youtube with all his videos of other adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder patients and the rest is history.

I’m so happy that I decided to fly to Canada from the USA to have this work done. I did Dr. Oolo-Austin’s special MCD post-op exercises every hour overnight and each time I got more and more movement and less and less pain until there was all movement and no pain. It is hard to believe that I can now move my arm all the way up beside my head with no pain. The experience was great and everyone in the office took very good care of me. I’m going home to the USA today with no pain and almost all of my normal shoulder and arm movement restored including putting my hand behind my back when just yesterday I could not even touch the side of my buttock. I continue doing my prescribed post-op MCD exercises and I am so relieved to have my life restored to normal again. I cant wait to play tennis next week!

My heartfelt thanks goes to Dr. Oolo-Austin. He is the best!


Conventional medical advice tells the patient with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder that he must travel alone on his road for many years before surgery will be considered as an option. Yet it is as if that road is cluttered with fallen trees and heavy snow and ice. It is nearly impossible for the patient to make any progress.

Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin’s MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure for adhesive capsulitis is like heavy machinery coming to the rescue at this hopeless impasse. It immediately, safely and meticulously breaks up most of the scar tissue in the shoulder joint and greatly improves the range of motion of the arm. The patient still has to complete a short journey down the road to 100% recovery by sticking with a post-op rehabilitation program, but the MCD Procedure delivers a quantum leap forward in improving the prognosis of this very frustrating disease and terribly painful disability.

Having recently flown from Japan to undergo the MCD Procedure at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Toronto, Canada, I would now strongly advise anyone with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder to pursue this breakthrough treatment option. There is a great benefit in recovering as soon as possible and avoiding the growing risks of future disability or surgery that might otherwise be necessary at some point down the road.


My name is Antonio, I am a physiotherapist and I live in Spain. My life is physically very active as I live in a small holding and there is always plenty of things to built, fix and maintain.

About a year and a half ago I fell off a horse and fractured my right clavicle. This was treated conservative with a brace to immobilise my shoulder. Six weeks later my clavicle had healed but my shoulder joint was very weak and stiff (not frozen). Unfortunately, when two weeks later I went to see the Orthopaedic doctor for a final X ray revision, he decided to check my shoulder movements, pulling my shoulder about, like in a judo contest; as a result my shoulder got very painful and gradually became frozen. Since then I have been battling with my shoulder, trying different treatments: stretches, mobilisations, resisted exercise, massage, deep frictions massage and ozone injections. All in all, my shoulder was still pretty bad and I was getting more and more depressed.
Tired of the pain, the disability (my shoulder had got so stiff I could not even touch my nose) and unable to work, I searched on the net and found doctor Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure. I spoke with him and a week later I was in Estonia to receive the MCD. Dr Oolo-Austin and his team were very attentive and competent and about one and half hours later my shoulder was reaching heights that I have not seen for a long time, not far from full range of movement and without pain; I was very pleased and impressed, my wife was in tears of happiness. After that I was strongly advised to do an exercise regime every hour to gradually increase the final degrees of my range of motion. The next day I had follow up treatment where Dr. Oolo-Austin did some neuro-muscular treatment in my shoulder and after that my shoulder felt so good that I did a set of push ups with great ease.
Many frozen shoulders recover with conservative treatment over a period of time. However, there are some which are in a continuous state of pain and stiffness, and seem to be going nowhere; if your shoulder is one of this difficult ones (like mine), you will certainly benefit from Dr Oolo-Austin’s MCD procedure to get back your range of motion (and your life). . After his MCD Procedure, if you have suffered for a long time and been disabled, your shoulder muscles will probably have shrunken (atrophied) you may need some rehabilitative help for a number of weeks to regain your muscle strength and the full movement ability of your shoulder. Even if this is the case, however, you will still be leap years ahead of where you would have been if you had not had the MCD and simply tried other futile treatment methods. Being a physiotherapist and with my wife as a physiotherapist, I am up on the latest treatments and, believe me, I tried everything available to me before I flew all the way to Estonia from Spain for the MCD. I can only say that it was the right decision and the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure is truly a breakthrough in modern medicine! Thanks so very much to Dr Oolo-Austin and his team; I hope we meet again in a more professional basis soon as Dr. Oolo-Austin is now invited to come and teach his neuro-muscular assessment and treatment system to the physiotherapists in Spain! Everyone can benefit from his wonderful treatment method!


At first I was cautious about the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure. After months of appointments and trips to specialists, all I kept hearing was surgery, surgery, surgery. To discover an all natural treatment was exciting at first, but the promise of relief and a cure after only one visit, seemed too be good to be true, especially after being told time and time again about surgery and lengthy recovery rehabilitation treatments. To find a non-surgical treatment was a relief. The results of the MCD Procedure (only one session) were unbelievable. I finally have my life back!


I’ve just returned home following a trip to Tallinn, Estonia and wanted to share my recent experience.

Three months earlier I learnt that I had a frozen shoulder and I was being told there was very little that could be done to improve my condition. My physiotherapist a good friend for many years even said there was very little he could do.

I guess I didn’t want to accept what I was being told, the very thought it might take 2-3 years to get over this horrible condition made me feel quite depressed.

My range of shoulder movement was very limited and each time I went outside that range the pain was just terrible.

I had spoken with my GP about the condition and visited a shoulder specialist at the local hospital who suggested both MRI and x-Rays to confirm things. Yet the only treatment offered was an injection to reduce the pain.

Looking for more understanding I decided to search the Internet and came across Dr Oolo-Austin’s frozen shoulder website and I spent days reading about the MCD Procedure.

I felt I had nothing to lose so decided to call for a free consultation to learn more. At last someone was taking a positive approach, it didn’t take me long to start planning the trip to Estonia albeit keeping an open mind.

Prior to travelling I did speak with my GP, physio and chiropractor who all said they had never heard of Dr Oolo-Austin, yet all confirmed that if they had the condition themselves they would have no hesitation in making the trip.

My first impression of Dr. Oolo-Austin was how confident he was that he could help and before long I was happy to follow his treatment process. His staff were very friendly and helped with the initial assessment. I had an injection into the back of my shoulder with a couple of tablets and before long the treatment began.

The procedure didn’t take long and the result was visible straight away. My range of movement was amazing with just a little pain at the top end.

My wife came with me to the clinic and was allowed to watch part of the procedure. Dr Oolo-Austin takes a great amount of care during the treatment and even though the worst part was over the follow-up exercises are very important and had to be done every hour, even through the night.

The following day I went back to see Dr Oolo-Austin with a big smile on my face. He knew how happy I was and we talked about what I would be able to do in the coming weeks and months. I did stress to Dr Oolo-Austin how important it is to have someone with you and I was so pleased my wife joined me in making the trip.

Now that I am back home the small amount of pain I had at the top end of movement is slowly diminishing although it is so important to keep up the exercises but not to over do things. I am now exercising just 4 times a day (about every 4 hours) and at last getting a full nights rest. It didn’t seem that long ago I was waking up 2 or 3 times every night.

Thank you Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin and your staff for all your help. Watch his video testimonial!

SAM 7332 e1581935532753

45 minutes after the MCD Procedure and with no surgery, magic happened! I could raise my arm above my head and regain functional range of motion. Dr. Oolo-Austin is for real, he actually cures frozen shoulders. While I was at the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic, a constant flow of patients were coming from all over the world for treatment of their frozen shoulders. Everyone who had the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure came out with big smiles moving their affected arms. It was overwhelming to watch. Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for taking care of me and giving me my life back!


I’m enroute to the airport after finishing up our follow up appointment and so I’ve had some time to reflect on the past couple days. First, I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude on many levels (e.g. that you exist, that I found you, and that I’m healed). I’ve been physically active my entire life and so the last two years have been a difficult adjustment with both shoulders impacted by adhesive capsulitis but now I’m back to full range of motion!

Not only is your MCD Procedure legit but your holistic approach utilizes multiple disciplines to produce amazing outcomes. For example, we were about halfway through the procedure and you noticed my right shoulder had drastically improved, but it wasn’t fully regaining motion like my left. You noticed my right scapula was higher than it should have been and used your chiropractic background to reset it in the proper place which cleared the way for the issue I was having with my shoulder on that side. It was cool to watch you diagnose and make the necessary tweaks on the fly. I realized that you have, in a sense, cracked the code for people who suffer from frozen shoulder. Any anxiety I felt before the procedure started quickly dissipated once I realized I was in the hands of a technician and healer operating at the top of their game.

The follow-up session the next day was a great experience too. I appreciated how you visually examined results from the previous session and listened to my feedback to determine the kinds of adjustments needed to produce an optimum result.

Anyway, just reveling in gratitude as I’m getting ready to fly back home. This was truly life changing experience. Thank you for sharing your gift.


First off, I want to thank Dr. Oolo-Austin and the clinic staff for taking such great care of me during my MCD Procedure March 12, 2015. I am a 47 year old women and have been a Registered Nurse for over 24 years. I was an athletic woman very busy with my family and an active lifestyle, that included running, yoga, kayaking, and cottage life. In January 2014 I suddenly started suffering from an all too common disease called, “Frozen Shoulder”. I was diagnosed with the worst kind of frozen shoulder called adhesive capsulitis.

My life had taken a stand still due to the pain and disability caused by this prognosis. I tried everything imaginable; physiotherapy, chiropractic care, cortisone shots, deep needling, acupuncture and many different types of anti inflammatories and narcotics. Nothing seemed to lessen the symptoms and disability of my adhesive capsulitis. I spent sleepless nights due to the pain and uneventful depressing because of the inability for me to move my left shoulder. Finally, I decided to do some research myself and found Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure for frozen shoulder on the Internet. I watched the videos and read the testimonials and thought, “this is too good to be true.” All the medical information on the internet said that there is no cure for adhesive capsulitis.

As a Registered Nurse, I used my resources and tried everywhere to get some information on Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure. I was met with blank faces and loads of skepticism, especially from my medical associates who had never heard of him. I was at the end of my rope as I entered my second year of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder and decided to take a leap of faith and contact the clinic itself. The medical staff were very knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions, big or small.

I am elated to say that yesterday, I underwent the MCD Procedure and today I am freely moving my shoulder while working hard to regain the muscle strength that I lost in the last 2 years. If you are reading this and feel that my story of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder is also your story, my advice to you is not to hesitate contacting the clinic. You will regain your life and never look back.

Dr. Oolo-Austin is an expert in frozen shoulder. He is supportive, knowledgeable, professional and might I add…musical. If you ask politely, you may be one of the lucky ones to witness his great playing of “Great Balls of Fire” on the piano in his clinic.

Thank you Dr. Oolo-Austin for allowing me to get back my life and all the things I love.

Lecia shaffer post OAT e1581935303647

As a medical rheumatologist, I have seen numerous patients with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder, with less than satisfying treatment results. A friend of mine who suffered from frozen shoulder for one year, had asked me to attend her MCD Procedure. After less than an hour of non-invasive manipulation of her shoulder with Dr. Oolo-Austin’s neuro-muscular treatment, my friend could lift her arm up above her head (see picture). There were also 3 other patients there who had undergone Dr. O’s MCD Procedure for frozen shoulder the day before. They also showed the same outstanding results

Dr.E.S.Silver e1448557145196 1
Breakthrough Treatment!

In my capacity as a duly qualified medical physician, I have witnessed excellent results with numerous patients who have undergone Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin’s MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure. All of these patients have attended for numerous treatment sessions with various health practitioners and/or therapists with little or no results.

Dr. Oolo-Austin seems to have developed a non-surgical operation which is successful in safely restoring near or full range of motion to the arms of patients afflicted with frozen shoulder. In view of the history of this condition and the very small degree of success traditional approaches have had, I would say that Dr. Oolo-Austin may very well have pioneered a breakthrough in the treatment of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder and I invite corroborative research to validate my clinical observations.

Dr. Eric Silver MD, FCFP, CAFCI, Toronto, Canada
Dr Sunny Chen 1
World’s Absolute Authority On Frozen Shoulder!

I’m a board certified family physician and have worked as a primary care medical doctor both in New York and in Southern California. Then I suddenly became a miserable, suffering patient with two frozen shoulders–the left shoulder for around 6 months, and right shoulder for the past 2-1/2 months. Having the MCD Procedure performed was the best decision I ever made.

Dr. Sun-Ling Chen, M.D., California, USA