Dr. O’s specialized non-surgical operation to cure adhesive Capsulitis frozen shoulder is a novel method that ensures a fast resolution of pain and a return to the functional ability for frozen shoulder sufferers. Considered a medical breakthrough, the manual capsular dissection (MCD) procedure, formerly known as OAT procedure, is a truly revolutionary non-surgical operation developed by world-renowned frozen shoulder expert, Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin at the world frozen shoulder clinics. It has had 98% clinical success in restoring range of motion and functionality to frozen shoulders.

Our unique method involves Dr. Oolo-Austin isolating the adhesive tissue inside and outside the shoulder capsule and separating it using extremely specific patient movements in conjunction with very specific mobilization procedures. Unlike orthoscopic surgery, the MCD Procedure is completely non-invasive and does not involve cutting into the shoulder. While performed in a hospital operating room, unlike manipulation under general anesthesia, we utilize local anesthetics and IV analgesics for a safer and more effective approach.

Dr. O’s MCD Procedure is completed in about an hour.  It is literally over before you know it. You will walk in painfully unable to move your shoulder and walk out almost fully functional . (Specific  rehab exercises designed by Dr. Oolo-Austin are needed post-op to neurologically re-educate the unused shoulder muscles and maintain active range of motion. ) You will walk into our clinic unable to put your coat on yourself, unable to put your hand on your hip, unable to wash your hair with the affected arm, and often unable to work. After the MCD Procedure, these everyday activities will be  returned to you within days or, at most, weeks.

It can be very frustrating experience going to doctor after doctor, and therapist after therapist who can’t seem to pinpoint the exact cause of your lack of mobility and shoulder pain. Even if they do correctly diagnose frozen shoulder, they certainly cannot cure it for you. Once a proper diagnosis finally has been made, often the only proposed solution is cortisone injections or surgery followed by a long and painful recovery and rehabilitation process. Surgery, whether it helps or not, still requires up to 9 months of heavy post-op physiotherapy sessions in an attempt to heal the damage inflicted to the tissues from the surgery itself. No matter which way you look at it, cutting open your body should always be your last resort.

Dr. Oolo-Austin’s MCD Procedure has been incredibly successful and is the first of its kind in the world. The MCD Procedure is performed with the patient relatively conscious and interactively participating to ensure than no damage occurs to the joint or surrounding tissues. Every person is unique, and this is one medical procedure that truly takes this fact into account. That’s why you need to know how our frozen shoulder diagnosis works.


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    Process for patients visiting the World Frozen Shoulder Clinic

    Patients and family members attending a World Frozen Shoulder Clinic from visiting countries are provided with accommodation suggestions should they wish to stay for a few days. Although some busy executives fly in and out on the same day, it is recommended that patients stay for at least one or two follow-up visits. This is because Dr. Oolo-Austin’s specialized neurological muscule treatments will be applied after the MCD Procedure to your shoulder muscles in order to strengthen and restore their neurological ability lost due to inactivity. This helps to ensure optimal success and enable a short recovery and neuromuscular re-training period.

    There is no other treatment in the world that enables such fast returns to functional ability for frozen shoulder sufferers than the MCD Procedure–whether it be MUA, hydrodilation, cortisone injections, surgery, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, ART, or NAT. All of the aforementioned treatments which apply manual or physical medicine, require many months of repetitive sessions which will be either extremely painful, very slow-going in terms of progress, or relatively ineffective despite their advertised results. Other than the MCD Non-surgical Operative Procedure, there is NO treatment which can boast of a cure in only one visit. Hundreds of thousands of frozen shoulder sufferers have gone the traditional recommended route of months or years of painful physical therapy treatments. They all give the same story. “Nothing I tried helped!” or “I only started to begin to see some minor results in 10 visits” or “I tried physical therapy but it made it worse”. Don’t let yourself remain a victim of frozen shoulder! Immediate, real help is available to you with the revolutionary MCD Procedure!


    Despite most medical professionals being familiar with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder, the details are still a complete mystery to them. Although they know that the shoulder capsule contracts and freezes due to the build-up of adhesions and scar tissue, there are no medical professionals including family doctors, orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists or chiropractors who can tell you what actually causes frozen shoulder. These health professionals are also at a complete loss in being able to provide you with a treatment that actually cures frozen shoulder. Traditional manual, chiropractic, or physical therapy treatments simply don’t work. Because so little is known by the medical community on frozen shoulder, symptoms are also frequently misdiagnosed.

    After 98% clinical success in restoring range of motion and functionality to frozen shoulders for 10 years, the MCD Procedure to fix frozen shoulder was formally introduced to the international medical community by Dr. Oolo-Austin. Dr. Oolo-Austin co-authored a pilot study which was published in the Samara Medical Journal in Russia in 2012 with Dr. Maxim Bakhtadze, MD, PHD, Professor at the Russian Centre for Manual Medicine, Dept of Neurology and Neurosurgery. The MCD Procedure is the only procedure with no recorded complications in the over 15 years it has been performed worldwide. It is much safer than surgery.

    Realistically, there are no other options to quickly, safely and effectively cure your frozen shoulder for a fast return to your normal daily activities and functional capabilities. Click here for comparison and explanation of other frozen shoulder treatment options. Say goodbye to your frozen shoulder once and for all! You can finally get the answers and the treatment you have been looking for!