Your MCD is Booked! Congratulations on taking the first step in getting your arm back!

Booked for MCD in Melville, Hamilton NZ?

Here you can find useful information to prepare for the trip and the procedure

Welcome! You are booked for MCD non-surgical operation in Melville, Hamilton NZ in near future. Here we have some information to help you to arrange your trip and prepare yourself for the procedure.


Travel information

Hands On Group
8 Urlich ave, Melville, Hamilton NZ

027 554 2100

Important to know before the procedure

Follow the Nutrition plan

Please start following this Nutrition Plan (open pdf-file) now!

It will help to reduce inflammation in your shoulder.

Read the Exercise Booklet

Please read this Post-op booklet (open pdf-file, last upload 2021).
These exercises are very important. In the first 24 hours you need to do these every hour, even waking up during night for best results.

Take your x-rays with you

Please take your x-rays (neck and shoulder) with you on disk or flash drive (or the originals on film).

Originals (digital or on film) allow us to see more details. If you have MRIs, you can take these with you too.
If some x-rays are missing, let us know in advance what x-rays are missing so we can prepare the referral note for our x-ray clinic.

What to Expect After the MCD

Have a support person

Consider having someone here with you.

It is highly recommended that you have someone with you–especially for the first night after the procedure. They can also support you during the procedure. Most importantly after the procedure, it is helpful to have someone who can assist you with the exercises and provide moral support.

Learn to breathe

Please watch this video and learn how to breathe and move during the procedure.

Breathing correctly during the procedure and while doing the exercises is very helpful.

What to wear?

 Wear comfortable clothes for procedure (no shoes). Therapist Linley Leuthard needs to have access to your shoulder and neck.

For women we suggest to wear either a sports bra or a sleeveless top (tank-top, strap-top etc) – for your own comfort.

What is the MCD?

See the video on our Facebook page.

Frozen Shoulder Frequently Asked Questions


The motor lodge close to the clinic that we have had previous OAT patients stay at which is fairly new, and nicely appointed with large rooms is the Argent Motor Lodge. The owner and staff are very accommodating:

Argent Motor Lodge
27 Lorne Street, Hamilton, 3206, New Zealand


We take payment at our head office in Toronto, Canada.