Chiropractors Who Claim to Cure Frozen Shoulder with Neck Adjustments

neck adjustment massage

One chiropractic technique, falsely claims that the true cause of the adhesive capsulitis type of frozen shoulder is impingement of the shoulder due to forward head posture and tethering of the brainstem causing inhibition of the nerve to the upper trapezius muscle.

Chiropractors who practice this technique claim that dysfunction of the upper trapezius muscle from a forward head posture prevents full raising of the shoulder blade as the arm is raised thus limiting arm side lifting ability to less than 120 degrees. As is commonly known in all medical circles, the true cause of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder is physical adhesions which surround the shoulder joint and restrict movement. This is plain and simple as the name adhesive capsulitis implies. A true adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder is absolutely impossible to treat and get quick results with using any standard therapies or methods and it is preposterous for a chiropractor to claim that the direct cause is anything other than what it is physical shoulder joint adhesions. It is even more preposterous for chiropractors to claim that they can affect the restrictive shoulder capsule adhesions with chiropractic adjustments of the neck. For an adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder to be fix, the shoulder adhesions themselves must obviously be directly addressed and separated. This is exactly what safely and effectively occurs during the Trigenics® OAT procedure. (Surgeons also perform invasive surgery to remove these adhesions but the results are often not positive and months of post-op rehabilitation physiotherapy treatments are needed to repair the damage from the surgery.)

Interestingly, in some cases of shoulder impingement syndrome (not adhesive capsulitis,) dysfunction of the upper trapezius muscle can be a primary cause. But this is absolutely not true in reference to cases of real adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, which mimics frozen shoulder somewhat in that arm raising to the side is limited and often painful, is relatively easy to treat with a series of various treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy. However, standard Trigenics® myoneural treatment quickly restores neuromuscular control to the shoulder. It is, by far, the most effective treatment for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and often cures uncomplicated cases in a single treatment.