With his frozen shoulder book soon to be published, Dr. Oolo-Austin literally wrote the book on adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. He is the world’s foremost authority on this condition.  He is the developer of the Oolo-Austin Trigenics (OAT) Manual Capsular Dissection Procedure for frozen shoulder. He is the founder of Trigenics, an assessment and treatment system which is practiced by thousands of doctors and therapists in over 30 countries worldwide.  Dr. Oolo-Austin taught at Tallinn University, Department of Health and Sports Sciences and was an official doctor at two Olympics.

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No one could give me a straight answer as to what was happening with me! My doctor referred me to a physiotherapist. She couldn’t help me and I stopped going because of the pain. All I wanted was some answers. This ebook gave me quick answers in an easy-to-read format that I could take on the go with my e-reader. I discovered treatment options that I never knew about and learned enough to be able to make an informed choice on a treatment option that was right for me. This ebook is a must-read for anyone with shoulder issues!

Clear, Concise, Comprehensive Information
We clear up misconceptions and misinformation about this debilitating condition and what causes it!

Complete Explanations of Treatments
Avoid the trap of being duped into costly and ineffective treatments that only benefit doctors, physiotherapists, and insurance companies!

Accurate Frozen Shoulder Self-Diagnostic
Save time, money, and energy with this simple do-it-yourself test!

Arm yourself with knowledge that doctors don’t know about or don’t want you to know about! Doctors and physiotherapists either don’t know how to treat you or willingly use ineffective treatments to profit from your insurance benefits.

391374204The Ultimate Guide to Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder

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