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Shoulder limitation movements

Please email or attached to the form photos of your arm movement ability (range of motion) to help with the assessment. The 3 poses which are required are described below. We have also included 3 labeled photo examples.

Please try the movements below and take a photo at the end of the movement ability to show the limitation:

SIDE RAISING (lateral Abduction)

With the good arm raised and held all the way up, have your affected arm down at your side, with your palm facing your outer thigh. Raise your affected arm up directly from your side without tilting your shoulders at all. Please be sure not to let your arm drift forward when raising it and keep your palm downward as you bring your arm up sideways.  

Lateral Abduction Side Raising

BEHIND the BACK (internal rotation)

BEHIND the BACK (internal rotation) – With your good arm up behind your back as high as possible, raise the affected arm up your back.

Internal Rotation Behind the Back

I SURRENDER” POSITION (external rotation)

 With your back against the wall, put both arms up in the “I surrender” position with the good arm’s elbow against the wall and the arm/elbow bent at 90 degrees, attempt to put the affected arm in the same position against the wall. Start with the “good” arm’s elbow touching the wall and bent at 90 degrees, rotate your arm up and back, so that the back of your hand touches the wall. Now see how far the “affected arm” can rotate back by following the same steps.

External Rotation I Surrender Position