It is important to note that the “Trigenics Negative Review” website is a paid advertisement promoted by an individual with a vested interest in a competitive business. It is a fake and purposely malicious rendition of accounts. The goal of our response herein is to show and provide you with the facts of the story so you can make an informed decision in trusting us.

<p”>Here are the before and after photos of the patient mentioned in the review. As you can see, the patient was suffering from severe limitation of her range of motion. The photos clearly demonstrate that her range of mobility had significantly improved after our non-surgical operation. We want our patients to share the same confidence in our procedure as we do. Our only mission is to help those who are suffering from frozen shoulder.

Before After

Trigenics® wishes to be completely transparent. In the 17 years that Dr. Oolo has performed the OAT© procedure, over 2000 patients have been successfully treated and cured of frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis, there have been exactly 3 negative reviews. Statistically this represents a satisfaction rate of 99.8% when the number of OAT procedures which have been performed is taken into account.

It is our dedicated mission to give people their lives back.

Trigenics OAT ReviewsWe are totally committed to curing people of their frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis affliction with the Trigenics® OAT© Procedure. We are the only ones in the world that can perform this non-surgical operation, providing a fast cure for frozen shoulder and we assure you that we can provide you with the help you desperately need if you qualify to be a candidate for the OAT© Procedure.

One of the negative reviews on the OAT Procedure, which was not actually written by the patient, has been posted on an intentionally made website which is seemingly designed to terrorize frozen shoulder sufferer’s looking for help who are potential OAT patients. It is a particularly peculiar review entitled the "Trigenics Nightmare Review".

Dr. Oolo and the Trigenics®OAT© Health care team were completely and totally shocked and alarmed to read this largely false account of the OAT© Procedure with its rather brutal and unjust attack upon Dr Oolo-Austin and the Trigenics®OAT© Health-care Team.

OAT© Patients that have read the Trigenics “Nightmare” Review have also been in a state of complete disbelief and dismay, as what is written there, is so completely opposite to their incredibly positive experience. (See testimonials here) Our OAT© Patients have been totally delighted with the wonderful, near miraculous outcome and are incredibly grateful and pleased that they took a leap of faith to attend Dr. Oolo's and our frozen shoulder clinic.

The OAT team was also aghast to discover that, for over a year now, this “nightmare” website has been purposely engineered to be pushed up in web rankings due to an ongoing worldwide paid Google Ads and keywords campaign. We were dismayed and saddened because this obviously indicates deliberate sabotage of Dr. Oolo’s dedicated life work and Trigenics as well as his frozen shoulder clinics and family business. We were also saddened to realize that the effect of this pernicious effort has negative and very damaging ramifications for thousands of excellent, well-meaning Trigenic Practitioners and their innocent patients in 25 countries worldwide.

Dr Austin Oolo's Record of Treating Patients Successfully

Dr. Oolo, in fact, has had an Trigenics Frozen Shoulder Reviewsimpeccable record in tremendously helping tens of thousands of patients during 40 years of practice. His excellent reputation as an educator is also well known in over 20 years of teaching his Trigenics® methods of assessment and treatment to thousands of doctors and therapists at schools and universities around the world. He is renowned for his expertise, thoroughness, compassion, caring and superlative abilities.

Dr. Oolo is absolutely dedicated to helping you.

Trigenics, in fact, has also helped hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide through the work of the thousands of astute doctors and therapists who have practiced this wonderful neurological assessment and treatment system over the last 20 years.

As for the OAT Procedure, there are hundreds of Trigenics® OAT© testimonial videos on You tube which clearly show the remarkable and irrefutable results. There are innumerable written testimonials and positive reviews with patient and doctor references all over the web testifying to the fact that the OAT© procedure works. Most importantly, in all these testimonials, one can clearly see that patients have all received superlative care and attention and that they have all been well treated and very well informed.

All of these hundreds of over-joyed OAT© patients and concerned doctors have taken time to write or post their reviews and testimonials because of the fact that they care enough to want to be able to help other frozen shoulder sufferers find the answer and solution to their suffering in their desperate search for real help. ( This is completely opposite to the seemingly malevolent intention of the singular and peculiar Trigenics Nightmare Review.)

To provide you with a realistic perspective on the OAT and Dr. Oolo, we have listed here just a few of the innumerable exceedingly positive Trigenics® OAT© testimonials which speak from a normal patient’s point of view regarding the Trigenics® OAT© procedure as well as Dr Oolo and our Trigenics® OAT© Health care team. Some of the longer testimonial excerpts are also from patients who have also read the Trigenics Nightmare Review. (To see these reviews in detail and for more testimonials please click the link at the bottom of this page)

“I know people still suffering from frozen shoulder and I’m so sad that this horrendous “Nightmare” review may be preventing them from getting the help they desperately need. I’m so grateful I was able to get this amazing OAT treatment.”

"I read the Trigenics Nightmare Review before attending for the OAT Procedure, but, I was convinced that there was something very odd and abnormal about it or the person who wrote it.  It was so intensely dramatic and so opposite to everything else. I went and personally spoke with many incredibly happy frozen shoulder sufferers who had had their frozen shoulders cured with the OAT Procedure. They convinced me to do it so I took the leap of faith and am so glad I did! There is nothing to fear about the OAT procedure. It is really, actually, your only hope in my opinion."

“Dr. Oolo-Austin was a very nice man and very focused on his job of getting you better. I am so very grateful to him and his research with Trigenics and with Faiz for my treatment and cure with the OAT Procedure!”

“It’s not an easy procedure, but well worth it! I had my procedure on Jan 6, 2020, after just one day I had about 90% ROM. NOW, IM EVEN BETTER! I’m so grateful for finding Dr. Allan Austin Oolo.”

“I have no regrets about the OAT procedure and would do it again to feel this good!”

"As an OAT patient, I can say that the results are nothing short of miraculous! I simply cannot believe that a review like the Trigenics Nightmare Review has been written. It is incomprehensible to me because my experience has been so wonderful. I was totally well informed and well treated. Something must be drastically off with a person that would write such a horrific story about the OAT and Dr. Oolo. I can tell you that what is written there is absolutely not true and completely opposite to my wonderful experience!"

“Faiz was totally honest with me from the start. I spoke to him before I had my procedure and he explained everything in detail that would happen and that is exactly how it happened…just as he said. The OAT procedure gave me my life back!”

“It has been 6 weeks since my trip to Toronto, Canada, and I am so grateful for Dr Austin-Oolo, and his whole team!!! A Godsend!”

In your dire search for help, we implore you to be certain to look carefully at all the obvious and clear clinical proof before you as well as all the abundant positive experience testimonials from hundreds of patients from all over the world. Do not let one bad apple spoil the bushel for you. Look at all the proof before you that shows you how much we care, how well we work and how much we can help you in your quest for a cure of your frozen shoulder.

In over 17 years that Dr.Oolo and the Trigenics OAT© Health care Team have completed over two thousand successful procedures there have not been any recorded serious injuries.

Before you shut the door, give yourself a chance to find the truth and the help you need. We are here for you and ready to give you your life back. We will happily answer any questions you have and are happy to connect you with any of our testimonial patients who were cured of their frozen shoulder with the OAT Procedure.

The Trigenics OAT© Health care Team looks forward to you contacting them now for more information at


Improvements to our MCD operation

Over the years, we have fixed thousands of painful frozen shoulders and given patients their mobility and lives back. The World Frozen Shoulder Clinic’s Non-Surgical Operation, the MCD (Manual Capsular Dissection) Procedure has gone through several key innovations to better treat our patients.

To minimize or completely prevent pain during the procedure, we now utilize delicate, ultrasound-guided specialized nerve blocks and ultrasound guided local anesthetic with our unique conscious sedation protocol. An experienced anesthesiologist and his team of nurses deliver an IV sedative, local anesthetic and brachial plexus nerve block. Thanks to this our patients may not be in any procedural pain at all!


Because pain is one of the topics discussed in our few negative reviews, we will discuss it here. Having carried out almost 3000 successful OAT© procedures, Dr Oolo and Trigenics®OAT© Health care Team is well able to share their knowledge on the topic of pain associated with frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis and the OAT Procedure.

Pain Pre-OAT© procedure:

The pressure from the inflammation and scar tissue, with adhesive capsulitis, not only surrounds the capsule, but in-turn dramatically increases pressure upon the nerve endings in the shoulder. This often translates into constant pain at the onset of the frozen shoulder condition. Also, sharp jolts of pain are often experienced when the patient forces the joint beyond the limitation or moves suddenly. This pain is undeniably unbearable and debilitating. This “nerve pain” is associated with frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis.

Trigenics OAt Procedure Cost

Specific specialized Trigenics® protocols are peformed immediately before the OAT operation to resolve muscular pain and dysfunction associated with weakened, imbalanced or shortened muscles and tendons. The Trigenics pre-OAT procedure will normally restore between 10-20 degrees of motion and decreases some pain instantly allowing the doctor to reach the offensive capsular component more easily for dissection.

Pain During OAT© procedure:

The Trigenics® OAT© non-surgical operation manually dissects the offensive scar tissue releasing the capsule to restore mobility. As a result, the capsule opens to allow for movement and the pressure is reduced upon the nerve endings which immediately alleviates the nerve pain. During this time while the capsule is being opened with the OAT non – surgical operation, pain will be felt by the patient. For some patients it can be briefly intense. All patients are well warned and fully informed of this possibility.

The level of pain felt by the patient will depend on multiple factors, Patients threshold for pain (case by case basis), underlying conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, hypoxia, allodynia, psychosomatic factors, high stress and anxiety, level of bands of scar tissue which have formed around the capsule surrounding the Glenohumeral joint , even an inflammatory diet, etc. There are some patients who surprisingly report feeling almost no pain at all. Everyone experiences pain differently.

Pain Post-OAT© procedure.

After the OAT© procedure, exercises will be required to be carried out, which may bring a level of pain while performing said exercises for the first time, to maintain the results and prevent the bands of scar tissue from redeveloping into frozen shoulder.

If a patient has advance stage underlying complications, they may still have moderate to high levels of pain after the Trigenics® OAT© procedure. This will typically be a “different pain” and not the nerve pain which was associated with the frozen shoulder prior to the OAT. This post-op pain usually comes from the advance stage underlying complications as the debilitating pain associated with the frozen shoulder is now resolved. This does not apply to classic cases of frozen shoulder, which have no underlying complications, but It’s important to note.

The ongoing exercise programme must be strictly followed! Although there may be residual pain post-op, the patients must push through so that they maintain the results and prevent the bands of scar tissue from redeveloping again into frozen shoulder. In classic cases, this may be a mild muscular pain, soreness or tenderness. In no way is the pain near the nerve pain, night pain or “zingers” patients experience prior to the procedure. The residual pain is quite manageable and only felt near the end ranges when performing exercises. Only in advance cases where there are underlying conditions present - would a patient feel more pain which they are still often required to push through.

In an effort to prepare patients mentally, set expectations and avoid any uncertainty; we do our best to quantify the patient’s post-op pain by using a pain scale out of ten determined by the patient and patient’s pain threshold.

During a recorded call, we will then go over the patients symptoms and underlying complications to ensure that the patient is fully informed and prepared for the possibility of post-operative pain until the underlying conditions are successfully treated by other means based on their condition.

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